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When men in business become the enemy 


Men in business aren’t always the enemy.

But they become the enemy as soon as they see you as a credible threat or serious competition.

Despite all the pressures associated with running your own business, it is a very rewarding experience. And you are deservedly pleased when you come across men who are happy to include you in some of their activities and networks — or even contract you to do some work for their companies.

But if you’re ambitious and accomplished, it won’t be long before you start to shine a little brighter than some of these men would like.

This often puts the brakes on those women who don’t want to lose the company or friendliness of some male business contacts. But it is a harsh reality if you are looking at reaching the top.

Mind you, there will be a small handful of men in business (and women) who will back you all the way and cheer you on when you pass them — and everyone else for that matter. Hold onto these people with both hands. They are true professionals and exactly the kind of people you should be doing business with.

The rest? Well… they will start to either change the way they deal with you or — even worse — start putting things in place to block you.

This is a sign, ladies. You’re now officially in this game called business. And it’s game on.  Business is warfare. That’s exactly how you need to see it.

And just like in war, to win you need to:

  1. Be strategic in ALL that you do
  2. Cut out your emotions (this is different to compassion)
  3. Remember there are no friends in war just frenemies
  4. Know your strengths and play to them at all times
  5. Know your weaknesses (as they will be used against you where people find it possible)
  6. Be one step ahead of the rest (keep an eye on what others are doing and learn to predict their behaviour)
  7. Be prepared for ANYTHING (easy huh?)

Now … back to these men who are starting to feel threatened by you. How do you deal with them? Well, you learn to handle them.

Some need to be cut out (blacklisted) as they are toxic. The easy way to work that out is if they are spreading gossip about you or have actively blocked your path.

The rest of the frenemies? Be polite, take all or any opportunities that are still available to you — and start to look elsewhere for new associations and contacts.

NEVER feel you need certain people to succeed (there are plenty of other options). Always keep your eye out for potential connections who want to work with you at the level you’re at. But always keep in mind that once you exceed their level, you may want start the process over again.

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