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Men don’t let fear stop them. Why should women?


What comes to mind if I tell you to say “to heck with it, I’m going for it?” Are you confident or fearful? Most women will feel fear… it’s in our DNA to be cautious. But often it is fear that holds us back where men would just forge ahead.

It could be about anything that requires a little bit of courage like asking someone out, entering a marathon, applying for a job, or starting a small business. Most of those are easily overcome with a little nudging.

However, when it comes to really doing something to invest in yourself and your family, like starting a business, a lack of confidence is what stands between a woman and her dreams.

So what will you do about it?

Men may experience some fear but they just don’t let it get in the way as much. This is not to say that a fear of failing is confined to women. It is one of the greatest obstacles to success in life for both genders.

Guess what? The battle takes place right between your ears. There are no external forces poised against you. It is a mental habit.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the difference (in many cases) between winning and losing, success and failure. Those and an equal dose of irrational fear stand poised in a soldier’s stance between you and your wildest dreams. If you accept that anything is possible, you can flip those limiting beliefs around simply by believing it’s true.

Where is the irony here? In hindsight, the overwhelming fear that stopped you seems weak, powerless, and unworthy of letting a good opportunity pass you by.

A blind investment in the fear of failure is more often than not a losing proposition and very costly in the end. It means missing out on so much good by giving in and not making an effort.

What’s the worst that could happen if you tried?

There is good news when it comes to overcoming a fear of failure. The power is yours to change the direction of your thinking, to see that success is attainable, and, that you are as worthy of it as the next person.

Change the story! There will be those times you won’t find the picture of success in which you enveloped yourself. Big deal.

The only time to call it a failure is when you don’t learn from it.

It is far worse to quit on something before you get started, denying yourself a chance at success. In a fine article on this subject, Chris Widener exposes the simple truth that failure can be absorbed into any formula for success. Read More.

Having been in business for many years there were times when my ideas didn’t pan out or promotions fell short. In life, there will be obstacles along the way, and at times feel like it is trial by fire.

They are there to be overcome not feared, weaving strength not weakness into the fabric of your business and life on the whole.

I’ve always felt that the only way I could fail was if I quit. Since that was not an option, persevering through is the only way forward.

It worked out better than I could have dreamed.

About Lisa Zakar

Lisa Zakar is a wife and mother of 3. She is the owner of Lisa Rose, a popular Princess Tea Party venue. She has a 18 year track record in the Princess Tea Party business. Lisa had a 10 year history in higher end retail with Nordstrom before launching her business. Lisa Rose is an award winning party venue with Best of Honolulu/children’s parties/Honolulu Magazine, and, Winner of Best Children’s Parties/Island Parent Magazine. Lisa Rose is located in Honolulu. PrincessTeaPartyBusiness

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