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Mentoring benefits: why entrepreneurs should do it


This guide outlines how mentoring benefits go beyond the person being mentored, and why entrepreneurs should weigh in and share their knowledge.

Mentoring benefits: reasons to mentor

There are many different ways entrepreneurs can leave their mark on the world. Whether you’re starting a business or mentoring an up-and-coming entrepreneur, here are some reasons why you should consider becoming a mentor. And there are mentoring benefits that go beyond the benefits to the mentee — especially when you decide to mentor other entrepreneurs and executives in your industry, or even across other fields.

Giving back to the community

Being a mentor is not only a way to offer your expertise and experience to someone looking for guidance, but it is also a way to give back — and in this way, the mentoring benefits everybody. Mentoring has been shown to reduce poverty rates in communities by 40 percent, improve school attendance rates by up to 50 percent, and increase the graduation rate of those mentored by 20-30%.

If you are unsure of how best to get involved in your local community or find someone to mentor, you can request a demo from PushFar to help you get started on this new journey.

A new perspective on your own business

You know how it feels to start and build a company as an entrepreneur. Mentoring provides another perspective and can help you understand what your future competitors might do. You’ll be able to anticipate their moves and strategize accordingly. This also leads you to evaluate your own business strategies, and you will always find some insights that emerge in that process.

Working with a mentee will also give you the mentoring benefits of allowing you to share your knowledge and experience with someone else. It’s a perspective that many people don’t get the chance to see, so take advantage of it while you can!

Mentoring can help you grow your business in different ways. You’ll learn about other companies, but you’ll also push your own business in new directions. You’ll often learn from a partner who is at the same stage as you are. This collaboration could lead to creative solutions for your companies’ problems.

You get to teach someone all your hard-earned knowledge

One of the most fulfilling aspects of running a business is understanding how your business works and improving it. But there’s only so much time in the day to learn and research. Thankfully, mentoring an up-and-coming entrepreneur allows you to pass on everything you’ve learned and teach them all about your business.

Whether it is teaching them how to maximize efficiency, lead their team effectively, or market their business, you see firsthand how your business works and share that with someone else as part of the mentoring benefits. You will be giving back to the community and helping someone else build their own business from the ground up.

Another of the mentoring benefits is that it can also help broaden your perspective on what it means to be an entrepreneur. Working with someone new to entrepreneurship will give you new perspectives on your current methods and help you grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.

You can hone your management skills

Helping a budding entrepreneur learn the ropes is a great way to sharpen your management skills as one of the mentoring benefits. By mentoring someone, you’ll be forced to think about how different decisions might affect your business. You’ll also have to think of creative ways to get past roadblocks and challenges, which will make you a more well-rounded leader.

Entrepreneurs need to understand how they manage people and that of other leaders. Being able to empathize with others and understand their perspective is invaluable in building team cohesion and making intelligent decisions on behalf of your company.

Additionally, mentoring can help you get insight into what it’s like to work for someone else.

Boost your profile within your industry

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, you’ve already established yourself in your industry. Becoming a mentor will help you connect with other successful entrepreneurs looking for advice. It’s also a great way to boost your business profile.

Consider these mentoring benefits as an opportunity to share your skills and offer some guidance to another entrepreneur while promoting your expertise and experience.

As a mentor, you’ll be able to use and share the knowledge that helped grow your company with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Mentoring can help them avoid common pitfalls and challenges that come with starting their own business, like marketing or financing.

It can give you purpose

As an entrepreneur, you know how challenging it can be to create something from nothing. But mentoring others can be just as rewarding. By guiding someone else through the process of starting a business, you will reap the rewards of seeing them succeed.

Mentoring is about giving back to your industry and giving back to yourself. Many entrepreneurs start businesses for themselves and soon find themselves feeling unfulfilled by their work. Mentoring younger entrepreneurs can give you that sense of purpose that you might have lost or need reminding of.


If you have been looking for something new in your life or a way to elevate your own endeavors, then give mentoring a try! You never know, it might just be that the mentoring benefits are what you have been looking for. In summary:

Benefits for mentees

The main benefit for the mentee is precisely the saving of time, learning from the mistakes and successes of the mentor. However, there are other advantages:

  • Learn from the mentor’s experience in challenges similar to those you are going through, understanding what has already worked and what did not work for him/her;
  • Receive guidance on one’s own personal and professional development through indications of training, readings or videos, among other learning materials;
  • Use techniques and apply more accurate actions ever used by the mentor in the past;
  • Exercise autonomy and critical thinking for decision-making, discussing their challenges in depth and getting your hands dirty;
  • Have access to a broader network of contacts through the mentor.

Benefits for mentors

  • Improve leadership skills, inspiring someone else’s personal and professional transformation;
  • Expand knowledge, seeking different sources that support the development of mentor skills and increasing the repertoire of information itself;
  • Exercise communication skills, offering continuous feedback and assertive language, for example;
  • Parallel personal and professional development, understanding new perspectives through the look of the mentor;
  • Sense of purpose and increased personal satisfaction for leaving a legacy.


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