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Missing motivation? here’s how to get going when you work from home


Working from home comes with a lot of benefits. Whether you’re freelance, have a side hustle, or run your own business, it is elevating to be your own boss, enjoy a certain level of freedom, and be in charge of your own earnings. In fact, to many, there are rarely any downsides. However, they do still exist. It can be stressful to work on your own time, and you often feel like you’re constantly chasing payments. And, above all else, there’s also the self-motivation to be thinking about. Because when you work from home, there are a lot of distractions. So you’re going to want to work on mustering up some motivation.

Have a set working space

One of the first ways you can ensure that you always stay motivated as a home worker is to have your own set working space. When you’re trying to work from the couch or taking control of the kitchen table, you can feel a little off of your game. So, to make sure that you always have the motivation that you need, and to keep yourself focusing on your tasks for each day, you should set out your designated work space; ideally your own home office.

Establish a routine

Aside from your own office, you also need to have a set working routine that will see you through each day. To start with, a strong morning routine is needed. If you’re going to be motivated all day, it has to start off that way. So, you need to have a particular routine that you can work with to keep your focused on your work and ensure you tick off all of the tasks you need to each day.

Try working with others

One of the things that comes with working from home is loneliness. You can often find yourself working alone and not speaking to, or seeing, another person for days on end. This can be hard on your motivation. So, if you want to be able to break groundhog day and ensure that you can find all of the motivation you need, why not give coworking a go. Whether you rent a set space or find other freelancers to team up with, working with others can give you the motivation you need to stay focused on your work.

Set working hours

You may also want to think about the working hours you set yourself. Although flexibility can be a big draw, it’s also not very effective at keeping you focused. However, when you give yourself set office hours, you know that you only have a certain amount of time to get your work done. And, you will also find that you’re able to challenge yourself to get everything finished.

Reward yourself

Finally, you may also find that rewards will work well. Whether it’s a coffee break or a book break, when you allow yourself a certain reward after finishing a certain piece of work, it’s a great motivational factor. So make sure that you give yourself incentives to get through the harder days, and you should never find yourself lacking in motivation.

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