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How to get money fast: It’s everywhere… here’s how to get it


This concise guide outlines that access to more money is all around you, and gives 4 key tips for how to get money fast in your everyday life.

Do you ever wake up dissatisfied with your life? With your career? With what you’re getting paid? With where you’re at in your life? Are you making money a bigger problem than it needs to be? I grew up in a middle-class family, in the heart of America, believing for a long time that I should just be happy with what I was given. I worked a 9 to 5 job in advertising, with a decent salary and I quickly bought into the idea that I shouldn’t ask for more, or climb too fast, especially since I was young.

Then one day I started asking questions and exploring what other people were doing to create riches and wealth, and I started realizing that the “glass ceiling” mentality I was functioning from was a lie. The ceiling is only there, if you believe it is.

How to get money fast

Money is everywhere, you just have to know how to get it. Here are the top four tips to start creating more money and more of everything you desire your life to be with total ease.

Tip 1: Get clear on how much it costs you to live

One strategy for how to get money fast in your life is to get really clear about how much money you desire. Most people have no idea how much money it costs them to live. Start by gathering up all of your expenses and get honest with yourself about the minimum amount of money you require each month. Then, use that to know how much you need to create each month. Knowing exactly how much money you require allows you to also know what it is you’re aiming for. After all, if you don’t know you’re looking for a new bright pink hat, you won’t recognize it when you find one.

Tip 2: Be willing to ask for it

Some people know how much they’d like to earn, but don’t feel worthy of asking for it as a strategy for how to get money fast — or shut themselves off when possibilities present themselves. Be willing to both ask for and receive the amount of money you need to live, the way you’d like to live. Every 6 months, look at your expenses again and ask: how much does it cost me to live now? As you create more money, be willing to add more to your life and allow your monthly expenses to grow. If you stay in creation mode, that number will keep expanding and you’ll create more and more money every year. What if every year, the amount of money it costs you to live increased by 20%?

Tip 3: Find what you’re great at

Money doesn’t make you happy. Life, however, is much more fun if you’re willing to be happy and include money in it. Write a list of 10 things that are so easy and enjoyable for you to do, you couldn’t imagine anyone paying you for it. Then, look at the list and ask, “What can I be or do to start getting paid for this?” as a strategy for how to get money fast. If you love taking care of people, an elderly person might pay you to check in and buy groceries for them. If you like connecting and talking with people, you could get paid to make phone calls all day or be a great sales person. You’ve got to find what it is for you. Money is everywhere, the possibilities are endless. What if the key to finding it, is finding what it is that lights you up and asking for the money to follow?

Tip 4: Never give up

Never stop aiming for whatever it is you desire to create as your life. If you love your business but need to get a second job to make it happen, get a job and make it happen. Don’t give up on the idea just because it doesn’t happen immediately. Keep asking for whatever it will take in how to get money fast to bring your desire into creation.

How to get money fast in sidelines

Whether alongside your studies, during your apprenticeship or already in your professional life: Having an additional source of income with which you can a little is often an advantage. But how do I get money easily and quickly? We have put together the best ways to make money online and offline for you.

Paid surveys

As a strategy for how to get money fast, you can take part in surveys online and get paid for them afterwards. All you have to do is register on the relevant platforms and you will then receive appropriate surveys. The help companies to improve their products or to better assess their target group. That’s why they pay money for it. It is best to register with as many platforms as possible in order to be able to take part in many surveys.

Test products

Here, too, it’s about companies wanting to improve their products. Before they go on sale, they are therefore first tested. You will then either receive the products by mail or, in the case of computer games or apps, test them directly online. You will check the product based on detailed instructions and then have to answer questions about it.


So-called Clickworker apps have also made use of the principle of earning money with small tasks . You download the app onto your mobile phone and you will then see various options for making money in your immediate vicinity . The range of jobs is very wide and also depends on your qualifications. But there are also tasks for which you do not need any previous knowledge, for example reading prices in the supermarket or photographing advertising posters.


You can also get some cash while shopping . Here you get part of your purchase price back. You can see whether there are cashback campaigns for your desired product on the relevant websites. All cashback promotions for various brands are listed there. You have to register there and then go to the respective online shop via a link. The purchase will be registered on your account and you will receive the cashback.

Selling and Renting: Turn your things into cash

To get money quickly, it pays to take a closer look at the potential of the things you own. With a sale or even just a rental, you can earn real money with your own things. A very popular way of monetizing old things is by selling them at the flea market . There you have to rent a stand and can then sell clothes, old computer games or kitchen appliances that you no longer need.

However, the whole thing is relatively time-consuming and you have to be lucky with the weather and with the visitors. There are now many online flea markets where you can easily upload the items with a short description and a few photos. The good thing: Online you have the chance that someone is looking for exactly this article and you can then easily send smaller things by post.


If you own a car, you can also use that to make money. Car sharing makes this possible. To do this, you have to register on a platform, where you can specify when you are going which route and how much space is left in your car. You can also decide yourself how much money you want to take for a route. Passengers who want to drive this route at the same time can then contact you.

Sell photos

As a hobby photographer, you have another way of making money: Selling your photos. You can either take photos you’ve already taken or keep taking new photos. You can offer them for sale on so-called stock photo sites on the Internet. The whole thing works like this: You upload the photos and other users who would like to use your picture for their website, for example, can download it for a fee.

We recommend uploading as many photos as possible . So that it pays off in terms of time, you shouldn’t do extra shoots, but take the photos that you are taking anyway. You don’t need any professional equipment for this. Your cell phone camera is sufficient.


One of the most popular part-time jobs for students. Especially if you still have a good command of the school material, you don’t have to learn a lot for this job. Find a subject or several subjects in which you are particularly good and offer your services. The best way to find tutoring students is through acquaintances and friends. Ask around in your circle of acquaintances or in your school to see if someone needs tutoring. Since the need for tuition is quite high, it is quite easy to give


If there are fewer school children in your circle of friends but many smaller children, babysitting could be a good part-time job for you. Here, too, the orders come primarily through contacts. The likelihood that someone will trust you with their child is much greater if they know you. Therefore, you should try to get into conversation with your friends as a babysitter.


As a copywriter, you can also earn a little extra money on the side. The prerequisites for this are good spelling and grammar and enjoyment of writing. You can register for this on online portals that place orders from various companies and websites. There you can then, for example, write small advertising texts . You are usually paid per word or per character.


Remember to continuously ask yourself these helpful questions: What else is possible here I’ve never considered? What would it take for this to show up with ease? How does it get any better than this? By asking these questions you continuously open yourself up to even greater possibilities.

About Megan Hill

For over 10 years Megan Hill has been the creative force behind marketing and communication strategies for companies and clients in travel, hospitality, events management, self-help, and more. She lives on the creative edge and invites her clients to always consider what will create the most in all aspects of marketing and business creation. She leads the creation and strategy for marketing and social media projects for Access Consciousness worldwide. She hosts a regular podcast; The What Else is Possible Show. She's is a facilitator, coach and speaker while also juggling the busy life of being a working mum. She enjoys traveling the world and empowering people to know that everything they desire IS possible through Right Riches for You, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. Follow on Twitter at @AccessMegan

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