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Ever sit next to someone on the subway or bus and realize they look a lot more put together than you look and feel? “How do they wake up refreshed and ready to face the day?” you may wonder. The answer is actually quite simple – a good morning routine combined with a solid night’s sleep will set you up for success in not only your career but also personal life. When you have a routine for both nighttime and daytime, you are revitalized and ready to face anything life can throw your way – from late buses to irritable people in the workforce to coming home to your family and facing their dramas of the day.

Setting up a morning routine can make your transition from home to work seamless- with prep down the night before an essential part of the plan. Throughout this article, we will look at tips and guidelines for establishing your morning routine, along with how an uninterrupted sleep can be your greatest asset.

Transition from day to night

The main source of fuel for your body and mind is sleep along with diet. Without sleep, your body will lose control of its functions, both physically and mentally. The physical condition of your body deteriorates due to a lack of energy whereas internally your muscles and surrounding tissues halt repair and restoration efforts. Your immune system is weakened, leaving you more susceptible to viruses that can impact your work attendance record.

Mentally, you are more prone to distractions when sleep deprived and ill-equipped to handle normal interactions. Normal problem solving is delayed and your delivery of ideas impacted noticeably when sleep deprived.

Use a nighttime routine to help combat sleep deprivation. Keep your room cool with the shades drawn, avoid stimulants such as caffeine and smartphones, and use your bedroom just for sleeping. Invest in a comfortable mattress that will support your body and encourage uninterrupted sleep, such as a memory foam mattress. The memory foam mattress will support the body and distribute body weight evenly, eliminating aches and pains in the morning! Choosing a memory foam mattress can be an easy task with the proper research!

The best guidelines for a morning routine

Each person’s morning routine is a combination of things that aid them in the best way possible and is unique to each individual. Using the following tips, you can customize the perfect morning routine to your individual and family needs!

  •         Wake up at a time that is beneficial to your needs and will provide ample time to cater to your family’s needs, if applicable. Don’t wake up at a time that will leave you with a large period of free time and less sleep time but also don’t wake up at a time that will leave you scrambling to get out of the door on time.
  •         Move around and hydrate! Try to avoid waking up only to sit in front of the TV or on the couch with your phone. Leave the news on low in the background while you complete morning tasks or even a simple exercise routine to get the blood flowing.Drink a glass of water while preparing breakfast before engaging in the first cup of caffeine.
  •         Complete tasks when possible the evening before. Pack lunches in the evening while cleaning up from dinner and set out clothes for the morning for all the members of your family. Take the time to get all important documents together that is needed for the day. Eliminating decision making from your morning routine, in turn, eliminates stress, enabling you to start your morning clear-minded.
  •         Let in natural light. Opening up the shades of your home and even the windows on a beautiful morning can provide a sense of happiness and peace when listening to the sounds of nature waking up. This mood boost will aid you throughout the day and also provide a nice side benefit in lowering your utility bills. The savings could mean you can get a special treat, such as a fancy coffee on your way to work.
  •         Multitask when possible. Time each task to overlap and tidy your home while waiting for your family members to start their day as well. Prepare the finishing touches on breakfast while brewing a pot of coffee. If multitasking can lead to stress for yourself, eliminate this step or tweak it to your personal satisfaction.
  •         Make time for you. Ensure to leave enough time in the morning to indulge in a task that will leave you happy and ready to start the day. If browsing shopping deals or reading a chapter of your current novel is relaxing to you, then do it! If a quick exercise routine kicks off your day, then stick with it. And if you happen to miss it,find time at work to exercise such as a break or lunch hour.


Your morning routine should be customized to you and benefit you in the long run. Other people may swear by their routine and tell you it is absolutely the best one out there. That may be the case for them, but for yourself, your morning routine is exactly that – yours. Take elements from the numerous websites and experts available to create the best routine for yourself along with your family.

A morning routine can mean the difference between a mediocre day and a really good day, and honestly, a hard-working woman deserves all of her days to be a good day!

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