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How mothers can be ‘flexperts’


Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you lose your edge or your skills and talents. In fact, more and more mums, choosing not to return to mainstream work, are remaining increasing relevant in the world of small business.

Think outside the square

Don’t be limited by the jobs that already exist, look for gaps to fill and services that might not have even been thought of yet. Building your connections and finding out what problems (however small) others are dealing with in your community can give you more insight and even a great idea. Raeleen came across fantastic teachers struggling to fill classes and realised she wasn’t the only one feeling frustrated.

Build on your strengths; don’t be limited by them

The era of the flexpert is dawning and with it, opportunities allowing more women to tap into their expertise from home. Remember to play to your strengths – what you did before you had children is probably still relevant but you might use your skills in a different way. Perhaps you want to build new skills through a short online course or share your expertise with others as you move toward a new career path.

Don’t be afraid of new technology

Coming up with an easy way to book classes online was central to the development of Mudputty, proving that if you have wireless internet, a laptop and smartphone there’s virtually no stopping you. A little research into the free online tools available for small business should show you the possibilities in the digital world are endless. Besides selling a product or service, you might want to consider freelancing your skills or running workshops. Brainstorm any role you can think of beginning with the word ‘virtual’ and you’re there!

Think about savings not just profit

Depending on how you look at it, taking care of the kids while you work from home has its ups and downs. Perhaps you have more freedom but less time. The trick is in learning how to effectively maximise the benefits. You have only so many hours a week you can devote solely to your professional life and in return, there’s only so much money you can expect to pull in. You are saving substantial dollars though with zero childcare fees. You no longer have to travel to and from work so less money needs to be put aside for petrol and public transport. There are also ways you can get more hours in your day by looking into options including an online grocery service.

Make it work in your favour

While working from home can sometimes blur the line between your professional and family life, there are certainly ways it can benefit you. The increased flexibility means you can work to your own schedule. It’s likely you’ll also have more scope to think creatively, ideally giving rise to a heightened sense of personal fulfilment. And don’t forget more time with the kids as well.

About Raeleen Kaesehagen

Raeleen Kaesehagen is a busy mother of two young children. Raeleen discovered that the best activities in her area — for her kids, herself, and family — were the hardest to find. She spent hours searching for the perfect class, or something fun for the weekend, only to come up empty-handed. Later, she’d hear about an amazing activity through word-of-mouth and wonder why nobody knew about it. She saw fantastic teachers struggling to fill classes. They wanted to share their gift with others, but the business side of teaching was time-consuming. That’s what sparked the idea for mudputty: a central place to connect a community of people who love to learn and live their passions.

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