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Must-have tech for investors


Women-owned businesses are on the rise with a notable 54 percent increase between 1997 to 2016, according to The State of Women-Owned Businesses report. That probably comes as little surprise to female business leaders and investors alike. And despite decades of the assumption that because men dominate financial areas like Wall Street they must be better investors, that’s proving not to be the case.

In fact, according to research from Fidelity, women are actually better investors and command a bigger return. As more female investors enter the marketplace whether on Wall Street or with an eye on startups, it’s crucial to have the right tech to stay productive and relevant in a competitive marketplace. Here is a round-up of must-have tech for investors.

LG V10

Not all smartphones are created equally, especially when you need to parse through financial information, graphs, and spreadsheets as an investor. The LG V10 features a 5.7″ display size with up to 6.6 days of battery standby so you can talk, travel and comb through presentations on the go. It also records steady, clear content with smooth video and minimizes handshaking so you can take product videos to study later before making your investment decision.

3D Printer

Working with an entrepreneur or startup from paper to prototype can be expensive and time-consuming. Although you may not be able to avoid the pre-production process of hiring a CAD designer to work on a prototype model, you can cut down on the production time by using a 3D printer. FormLabs Forum 2 can make high-quality printed parts. Work alongside your product designer or entrepreneur to come up with the best prototype to test it and study its value in the marketplace.

Research platform

Part of the success in being an investor is finding new and emerging companies to invest in before anyone else. You can stay up to date on the latest industry and startup news with a resource like TechCrunchBut its premium model can go into deeper insights than just pulling together the funding statistics and financials available on its startups. From there, you can compile and put into a spreadsheet in Dropbox for live collaboration with your investment team to make better decisions about your investment strategy.


Whiteboards and static presentations can only do so much to bring your investments to life. You can also get interactive with any screen with a GoTouch pen. You can start drawing on any electric surface to bring your presentation to life as if you’re using a responsive drawing on a regular whiteboard. And when you’re holding a meeting in one room and using the GoTouch pen, anyone with the related smartphone app can watch the meeting and contribute to it making it easier for investors to work with teams across the country.

Purpose-driven CRM

Whether you’re an investment banker, private equity researcher or investing in companies, you need to be able to manage your network and keep tabs on the next meeting. Affinity hopes to address what investors are looking for by developing a purpose-driven CRM to leverage the information you have instead of just managing it. Affinity can look to see who you haven’t called in over a month or who your common connection is. Ultimately, Affinity helps make stronger correlations between your network and helps use them to your full advantage.

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