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Are you a natural born leader? These careers might suit you


It’s as though some people are born leaders. These people tend to have an air of confidence about them that others find reassuring, it’s not always the most loud and outspoken person of the group either. Being calm and grounded, good under pressure and knowledgeable are all traits of many leaders. If you find that other individuals naturally gravitate towards you, and that you often ‘take people under your wing’, give good advice and are the kind of person that people seek out during personal crisis then chances are you’re one of them. If you are, embrace this as it’s a fantastic quality, that’s not only helpful in your general life and personal life but also in your career. If you’re confident in leading the crowd and others (as well as yourself) to success, here are some job options that might suit you. 


Teachers really do make a huge difference to the lives of young people, in some cases they can change it for the better helping them avoid trouble and reach their potential. As a teacher, you can inspire passion in a young person, perhaps you’re the kind of person that can see good qualities in individuals that other can miss. As a teacher, you need to be strong with good leadership skills. It’s not to say you need to be overly strict, but you have to be able to show a class of thirty plus children that you’re the one in charge. In more challenging schools this is particularly important, as these are the kind of students who are more likely to question your authority. You need to be able to stay in control of the class, as a strong leader this is something that will be in your skill set.

Public safety

Military, police and firefighters are all public safety positions, and of course require strong individuals. When you first start out you will of course be following the instruction of senior staff members, but as you travel up the career ladder you will find yourself in a position of leadership. The great thing about these kinds of roles is that they can lead on to other kinds of work later on. For example, you could do an online public safety degree and help to shape the future of safety across the world. You could even become a private investigator, where your skills in previous roles will be put to good use.


Setting up a business from the ground up can be incredibly challenging. You have to juggle money, iron out the kinks that setting up a new company can bring. Plus you need to be able to lead your employees, be the kind of boss that workers believe in and are prepared to do their best work for. Research has shown that bosses that are too harsh don’t run better businesses, this is because their employees can be stressed and wary to approach them with any issues. It’s far better to be approachable while still maintaining professional boundaries.

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