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Why you need a business and professional resume


It is important for almost every woman to have a resume that is fully capable of showing their skills and experience, a resume that highlights the skills employers are searching for. However, even though we all understand the basics of a resume, the majority of us are unable to form a resume that does the work for us. It does take a lot to ensure that our resume speaks for us instead of us doing the same.

Necessary things to include in your resume

Recruiters and managers have seen almost every type of resume ranging from different formats. It is necessary to include some elements that show your credentials, accomplishments, as well as vital skills in the resume. A professional resume is likely to encourage managers and recruiters to go through it at least once. However, in order to keep track of what is inside the resume, it is important to ensure the following things:

  • It is a bad thing to take some elements from others’ resumes. If you find the format of a resume striking enough that it manages to differentiate you from others, then you should adapt it to your resume. However, direct copying is not a good idea and, therefore, should be avoided.
  • It is an advantageous step to look for resumes of your industry-specific fields with keywords that also suit your needs. If you find the similarity to a great extent, then adding one or two elements from that resume to your own is not bad to the extent where it is not considered plagiarism. However, you should ensure that the borrowed element suits your work personality.
  • Searching for a different format is not the only thing you should do, but you should also look for a unique and attractive format. Striking presentation is likely to attract the recruiter to at least remain with the resume for a longer time, reading it in a pool of thousands of resumes of almost same looking format. The more time a recruiter spends on your resume, the more you are likely to have the upper hand.
  • Include keywords in your resume that best tells about you and highlight the credentials you think will attract the recruiters. Highlighting the specific certification or degree that the job requires will help in making it unique. For a recent graduate, highlighting the educational qualification at the top of the resume with a separate section can offer a lot of help.
  • For a woman with significant work experience, it is necessary to include these specific successes or accomplishments. It works more as compared to simply writing down the specifics and responsibilities from the past jobs. It is a great approach to mention some projects you led in college or innovative ideas that helped in any aspect. Including these aspects and showing the percent change will easily provide the required information from the resume.
  • While everyone wants their resume to look different from others, yet they simply copy some cliché words such as fast learner or a hard worker. If you are adding these words, not only are you making your resume similar to that person you have copied these words from, but it also reduces any uniqueness to the resume. Instead of using these words or phrases, use keywords that specifically show your accomplishments and help you stand out. Avoid using extensively used words or phrases.
  • Women working in higher positions should format their resumes in a way that highlights the relevant elements that show the ability to fulfill the demand for the new job. Organizing these achievements and skills in bullet points not only offers a crisp view but also helps recruiters in easily gaining insight on what you can offer to the job based on your past experience without getting involved with the whole resume.

Lastly, taking inspiration from various resume samples is acceptable, but plagiarizing from them will not help. It not only reduces the uniqueness of the resume but also does less in terms of presenting genuineness and reliability of the individual. Samples should be consulted to gain ideas on how they are written and what they cover and in which manner they are able to deliver.

Final thoughts

Only after understanding these specifics from the samples, you will be able to form yourself a remarkable resume that not only takes less time to go through but also offers greater insights about you, your skillset, achievements, work experience in limited words to the recruiter.

About Dani Balabushkin

Dani Babushkin is a New York based marketing coach with a focus on helping startups achieve their goals. She has several years of experience in both startup and corporate businesses.

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