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Never pigeonhole yourself


By pigeonholing yourself it is meant that you put yourself in a category or field and that you are making no attempts to break free of it. You should never pigeonhole yourself. When you do you instantly restrict your own development. When you pigeonhole yourself in business you allow for others to grab the proverbial brass ring and climb the proverbial career ladder whilst you watch them.

When you pigeonhole yourself, frankly, it shows that you’ve given up any hope of developing your career or even your business further. It shows you to be someone that is willing to take the easy way out. And this is never a good image for anybody in the world of business. By not pigeonholing yourself you are partaking in what is known as positive personal branding. By showing yourself capable of breaking the mould and cutting yourself free of the ropes that bind you show yourself to be brave. You show yourself capable of taking a risk. You show that you are willing to whatever it takes to optimise your potential. When you do this prospective clients are instantly going to be drawn to you. They’ll be drawn to your clear brand of being a business person that is willing to go the extra mile for success. If they see you are brave enough and capable enough to do that for yourself then they’ll know you are for them.

And there are many ways to de-pigeonhole yourself, even when you’re deeply embedded into a particular hole. One way to do so is go back to school and seek further education. No matter what age you are. No matter how far you are up the career ladder. Seeking more education is always a good idea. For instance, if you are a business owner but your business has been failing as of late you can stop the rot by educating yourself in areas of it that you’re not already educated in. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean doing a Business Management degree. It could meaning studying in a host of fields and doing any one of the number of courses out there. If yours a is business that deals with the elderly, why not become a Gerontology practitioner? In doing so you could learn of the societal standing of the elderly. You could learn about general behaviour of the older generation. In doing so you are not pigeonholing yourself to just doing business with elderly, but you are allowing yourself to actually help them. And in doing so you are breaking you and your business out of the pigeonhole that has been holding you both back.

And to further this, why pigeon yourself just to working with individuals? Why not go even higher up the career ladder and take to working towards making a wider impact on society? For example,if you relate well to the elderly you could break free of the geriatrics professional career path and take to becoming a gerontology practitioner. By stopping working with individuals and instead focussing your efforts on making an impact on the wide societal standing of the elderly you are affording yourself the opportunity to do more. You are affording yourself the opportunity to make a wider impact. You are affording yourself the opportunity to make more of a reputation for yourself in the field. You are affording yourself the opportunity to make more money.

So, the next time you see an opportunity to break free of the pigeonhole that you’re stuck in, you take it! Even if it means going back to school you’ll simply have to do it if you want to get ahead.

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