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New startups that will boost your marketing


It is a well-known fact that it is not easy to find a good startup. Some of the best are usually in the spotlight for a brief period of time.Sometimes, they are replaced by another which may be even more effective for your campaign.

Moreover, a solid startup need to be able to withstand a change in the marketing environment. This simply means that it will be able to adapt to any field it comes across. A good example is adapting to a rapidly expanding content marketing area.

New startups and their services

Starting and running a successful online business is almost impossible without the use of some digital marketing tools.

Therefore, looking for and learning how to use these tools must be made a top priority by all online businesses. Here are some of the reliable startups:

●    Newoldstamp

Online businesses can only increase the size of their audiences by looking for more ways to reach them.

Email has become the best mode of interaction. And one of the greatest addition of useful tools to the email campaigns is an email signature generator. The NEWOLDSTAMP service is among the best email signature generators available.

It provides the best possible templates for your business without overlooking other important features including the addition of corporate pictures, social media icons, links to any of your websites, banners and other vital information about your business. The main goal is to promote your brand and this startup does this very well!

●    Hootsuite

A very important element of running an online business is engaging in social media. Hootsuite ensures that working with various social media networks is easier.

This is made possible by creating a single platform that integrates all the popular social media networks. With this tool, online companies will be able to devise more effective social media strategies.

And with one station of operation, there is no stress when it comes to managing all the business’ accounts.

●     Boomerang

Another very impressive startup tool is Boomerang. Every online business has to prioritize its email campaign. And this is where Boomerangs comes in.

It is designed to enable companies to automatically send special emails to specific recipients at fixed times. It can also be used as a way to follow up on any email recipient that did not react to your email.

Boomerang easily integrates with all your business’ social media accounts. Another plus the usability does not depend on the level of experience of the user. This is most convenient for individuals who are just getting introduced to online marketing – they have one less thing to worry about.


When it comes to creating a successful business on the internet, details are everything. And finding the best possible startups tool is the primary objective.

As well, you can find so many digital marketing tools for your choice. Sure thing, finding the best solutions can be a bit tricky. However, this process does not have to be hard at all – just monitor the market and read the user’s testimonials. And do not forget to focus on the basics like email campaign when starting a business in order to make your work as a whole!

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