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A new way to do new year’s resolutions


By the time February rolls around, almost 90% of people who set a New Year’s Resolution have already abandoned their plans to lose weight, save money, be fitter, be nicer, do yoga every day … That is a massive number of people who start the year feeling like a loser. Not a great way to set up a productive and fulfilling year. There is an easier way to achieve our gaols and dreams without setting ourselves up for failure.

By this time of the year so many women are overwhelmed and consumed by guilt that they are not good enough and not doing enough.  Add onto that ’failing’ at New Year’s Resolutions, it is not wonder we are so stressed and burning out.

It is time for a gentler approach. You are an incredible human doing the best you can. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that. Instead of scrambling to set a resolution for the new year, try this approach — setting a THEME for the year. Our lives are so busy. Many people are juggling a few jobs, family and all the other roles we have to fill, which is not an ingredient for a peaceful life.

If you know what you want life to look like but feel you are on the treadmill of overdoing life; rushing from one appointment to another, investment properties that needed looking after children, ageing parents, life …

It is time to take control of life.

Some people set quarterly resolutions, writing down goals in each segment of life – finances, relationships, health, social, career, holidays, family – and then worked towards ticking of each item per quarter.  But even that process can add to the feeling of overdoing it. It is too much

The theme filter

By setting theme, everything goes through that filter. The theme strategy comes from PR and marketing. Businesses use themes as a strategy to plan each month. It takes the pain out of making decisions and is gentle way of staying on track.

When making a decision, you only have to ask yourself ONE question based on the theme. If the theme is SIMPLE ‘does this make life simple?’. If the answer was ‘no’, don’t do it. No arguments, no debating, no guilt … Instead of doing your head in this holiday season trying to come up with a resolution or goals that you may or may not stick to, try the THEME method.

Here are a few themes to inspire you:


What is you need to build into your life – your bank account, relationships, new home. If this is your theme is BUILD, every time you go to spend money or do something that will impact reaching your goals, ask yourself ‘will this help me get what I want?’


Want to do more for the planet next year? Making GREEN your theme can be as simple as remembering to take your plastic bags to the supermarket or making your own kitchen wipes or switching to glass jars over plastic. When you go to the café to get your almond milk latte and have forgotten your reusable cup, ask yourself, ‘is buying this drink going to benefit the planet?

Also, if you’re able to do a major home renovation, installing solar is a great way to go green, but why solar? By installing solar panels, you go green by cutting reliance upon fossil fuels powering most homes now. While utility rates continue to rise each year, solar energy becomes more efficient, reliable, and affordable every year. This is why you should use solar energy.


Maybe you just want to do more for other people. Research has found that volunteering or giving back increases our immune system by 30% so if this is your theme for the year, you might get a two for one. You could give more time to a charity, pick a charity to donate money to for the year or maybe there is a family or person in your life that could use support.


This is a popular one for the old fashion New Year’s Resolutions. It is easy to feel a bit blah after the holidays because we tend to overindulge. Instead of giving yourself a hard time or forking out for a gym membership you know you will not use, try being kind to yourself instead. You are doing your best. Start with something achievable like cutting back on processed food or going for a walk a couple of times a week. Being healthier can be as simple as being kind to yourself – if you are having a bad day and a mars bar makes you feel better, go for it.


This is all about making like simpler. Take out the complications in your life – if that is toxic people, paying for food to be delivered, cutting down on activities, getting a cleaner or learning how to meditate.

No buy year

It is no surprise that in a world where products are so accessible on our mobile devices, credit care debt and Afterpay overspending is a problem. Really think about whether you need a new phone, when the one you have is only 12 months old or another pair of shoes. Instead, sleep on it.

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Providing individual counselling for women, Amanda Westphal is a qualified counsellor who believes counselling is an essential ingredient to living your best life. Amanda has a colourful history that was always peppered with counselling and working with trauma amongst over a decade in media. She worked with some major companies including Universal Music, Paramount Home Entertainment and Nova 969. While she was working with the biggest artists in the world, she spent most Friday nights with the Salvation Army on their street outreach, counselling and having a warm coffee with the homeless. She was then a small business owner of a PR company, named Innovator of the Year by Flying Solo in 2016, and in the Top 50 Small Business Owners in 2017 by Inside Small Business Magazine. On the side she started working on her counselling qualifications and coaching other small business owners. Her focus is now on women’s wellness.

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