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It’s office-cial: your workspace is a marketing technique


In the world of business it is easy to dedicate a lot of time and money to certain marketing campaigns. Whether it be an extensive physical campaign where posters and billboards with your business’s logo and slogan are thrown up all around town, or an online campaign where countless hours are devoted to manning your business’s various social media sites: these ventures cost both in regards to money, and in regards to time. And it is because of the fact that so much precedence is given to these types of campaigns that other marketing techniques are sometimes left by the wayside: one of which is the office. If you’re a business owner then using your office as not only a workspace but as a marketing technique is something you should seriously consider. recently conducted a survey of its business custom base, and found that 87% of businesses found a 10-15% increase in their physical business trade within the following 12 months after the purchase of a neon sign – Christine, CEO of Voodoo Neon says, “Such a simple piece of equipment, resulted in more exposure for the business – not without co-incidence it turns out standing out just a bit more than your competitors makes a difference to actual trade and turnover.  These are business-altering types of numbers.”

Location, location, location

First and foremost, it’s most certainly about location. The place in which your business is based is huger teller to potential customers and clients about your business and how successful it really is. Obviously, this does depend on the area of the world in which the business works from, but this doesn’t stop anybody from seeking the best places in that specific area. For instance, if a London based business wants to portray itself as top of the food chain in regards to its market then it’s not going to look for workspaces in areas that aren’t necessarily associated with business success, it is going to look for a serviced office space to rent in the upmarket end of town. This is because it just screams success and shows to potential customers that this is a business that is going places. You can get some pointers from guides to site selection to make sure that you choose the best place that will yield the best results.

Style shows substance

And then, once you’ve moved your business into its swanky new pad, it’s time to start sprucing it up to your liking and standards. When renovating, you should seek to make the space run adjacent with the mood and feel of your business so as to ensure that all potential client who may visit it can see that, one, you are serious about your work, and two, get a an instant feel as to what and who they are dealing with. For instance, a web design company, or a company of the like who deals with aspects of the modern day, may choose to decorate the office in quite a quirky and almost ‘hipster’ like way to show that they are creative, free-thinking and have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

Grooming is key

But as well as this, the space must be clean: commercial cleaning should ideally be sought before anybody, both employees and clients, even steps foot on the premises. Organisation is key to marketing, which means that another important factor when using your office as a marketing technique is to make sure that it remains in an organised fashion. If a client walks into your office and sees documents sprayed about the place, then they are going to not only think that you are a business that is unorganised, but that you may treat their business with disrespect and leave any documents that they provide to just lie around also.  A decent vacuum cleaner is handy to have around for any quick clean-ups that are required. Shark vacuums are considered the best, you can find the best one at Home Clean Expert.

So, when it comes to your next marketing campaign, let your office take centre stage. A clean and fresh office means business!

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