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Office design can hurt productivity: Try these upgrades


Office design productivity is key to ensure your business is efficient and meets its goal. Your office may lack certain features or a particular atmosphere to increase the focus of staff, which can hinder their productivity. If so, you may want to consider some upgrades. Not only will interior upgrades enhance the appearance of your office, but they can increase the productivity of staff.

Ideas to update your office design to boost productivity

Window coverings

Large windows that allow plenty of natural light will guarantee to boost focus and concentration. If your windows are covered with dull blinds or lack the potential to let a maximum amount of light in, you might want to consider upgrading the window coverings.

Minimal, bright, and light material window coverings will boost the natural light that enters the office, which will enhance staff productivity. Working in natural light encourages the brain to maintain focus, which is ideal during office hours. You can see here for more information on shutters and blinds that will suit your interior needs.

Comfy desk chairs

Comfy desk chairs are ideal update in office design if you want your staff to maintain concentration for maximum productivity. Not only will softer and posture-improving desk chairs improve concentration, but they will help you look after your staff. Poorly designed desk chairs can lead to back pain and soreness. Thus, new chairs will help your staff stay comfortable for long periods of sitting at the desk. It will encourage them to work more efficiently as they are comfortable and won’t lose concentration due to being uncomfortable.

Air conditioning

The air quality in the office can affect a person’s mood. If the air quality is poor, it can cause fatigue or a decrease in energy. With better air quality from air conditioning, staff can feel more alert, awake, and focused.

Air conditioning may not be necessary all year round during colder months. But, it can be kept on low to maintain and regulate the airflow in the office.

Social rooms

Being in an office all day can be tiring, especially if you have nowhere to go and have a break. If your office design lacks a social space for staff to chat or hold meetings, they may leave the office and go for extended lunches. To avoid this, you can integrate rooms dedicated to socializing. This will allow staff to hold meetings and socialize at their leisure. They can have a break away from their desk without leaving the office.

After socializing and talking through work concerns, they can return to their desk with a clearer head and positive attitude. This will increase their concentration and optimize their productivity.

Having dedicated social spaces will also boost company culture. It will allow staff members to chat outside of their desk space, which can help build friendships. With a stronger and happier company culture, staff can feel more at ease and comfortable at work. They will likely feel encouraged to discuss concerns more regularly. The openness will enhance productivity and allow staff members to help one another to complete tasks to optimal potential.

Digital methods of tracking performance

Although you won’t want to be strict with your staff, as that can hinder loyalty and friendships, it can help to monitor their performance. Digital screens that allow managers to track working hours and task completion can allow feedback to be more accurate. If a staff member is underperforming, you can show them the data and offer them ways to improve. When they acknowledge that they are spending too long on research and not enough time writing, they can improve and be more productive.

Additionally, monitoring performance may show to you that your staff is exceeding your expectations. If so, you can offer rewards to show them your appreciation. When a member of staff feels respected, they will likely stay focused and feel more content at work.

Office music

Music creates ambiance as the aural part of an office design and can help to set a good pace when you are working. You could add speakers around the office and play upbeat jazzy music to increase focus and mood. You can of course choose whatever music you or the staff like, but jazzy music is common for boosting focus and concentration.

Kitchen appliances

Your staff will need to stay energized throughout the day to maintain productivity. Installing a kitchen with kitchen appliances as part of your office design will help them stay hydrated and fueled. Without kitchen appliances, staff will likely take long lunch breaks to ensure they are watered and fed.

You could install water taps, coffee machines, and fridges filled with healthy snacks so that your staff remain in the office and attain their energy. Having a designated kitchen space will allow staff to have somewhere nice to eat their lunch and socialize away from their desks. You should encourage having a break for lunch or a drink as sitting at the desk can lead to burnout.


Adding greenery and plants to the office adds freshness and can improve air quality. They offer multiple benefits and can be placed anywhere in the office.

Adding them to desks or windows will enhance the office appearance and remove pollutants from the air for better overall air quality.

In addition to greenery, flowers are a nice feature too. They can add more color to the office, which can enhance people’s moods.


Adding whiteboards around the office will allow staff to write down ideas for the team to see. Or, it is a great way to hold non-digital meetings for minimal distraction.

Whiteboards are an ideal place for a team to come together and share ideas. You might not manage to speak to a member of staff due to them being in a meeting or out of the office. Thus, you can use the whiteboard to write down the note for them to see, add to, or chat to you about. It increases staff communication and allows note-taking to be collective, which will enhance productivity in the office.

There are many easy upgrades available that can enhance productivity in the office. It can be as simple as changing the window coverings and improving air quality. As staff spends long periods in the same space, it is important for it to be inspiring and motivating.

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