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Is your office space hurting your productivity?


There is so much to do in a day and so little time to do it. Improving your productivity is key, but if there are inherent flaws within your office space, you aren’t going to achieve all of your daily targets. And if you’re wondering what kind of flaws we are talking about, then we are going to give you some examples.

Consider your office decor. If the walls are drab with little colour, and if there are no signs of creativity in the design, then you aren’t going to be inspired when you sit down at your desk each day. An attractive office makes you more productive, so give your space a facelift. Lots of bright colour helps, be that the paint on the walls or the modern feel of your furnishings. Add some greenery for aesthetics (and to improve the office air flow), and personalise your particular area of the office, with family photos and the like to make things a little more appealing when you sit down to work.

How clean and tidy is your office? If the space around you is unclean and messy, you are going to suffer from an untidy mindset. If you don’t have a dedicated office cleaner, then somebody needs to get on top of things. Chem-Dry offers professional carpet cleaning services for offices, so that’s one job you can tick off, but the rest may be up to you. If you share the office with others, create a rota of jobs, from emptying the trash can to cleaning up the kitchen area. Deal with your own part of the office, tidying up your desk, and removing anything that is going to distract you from getting on with your work, such as unwashed coffee cups and scraps of paper.

Your office temperature may also be affecting your ability to work. According to studies, productivity can drop incrementally the further your office space is away from the ideal temperature (allegedly 21°C). So, if your office becomes too warm or too cool, you are going to suffer. To get to the ideal temperature, you need to take action, be that getting the aircon fixed, installing a few fans around the office, or opening a few windows on those warm days.

Noise is another issue, be that external sounds coming from outside the window, or the incessant chatter of your colleagues working around you. You can’t do much to deal with the noise outside, although you can wear headphones inside to shut out the brunt of it. A pair of headphones will also shield you from the noise inside the office too, although you may want to consider the next point too.

Your colleagues may be the biggest problem. If they are gossiping in the corner of your office, or calling by your desk for a friendly chat, you are going to be distracted. You are making life worse for yourself if you stop what you are doing and engage in banter with them. Our advice? Tell them you will talk to them at break time, especially during those days when you have urgent deadlines to complete. Office banter can liven up the day, but there has to be a limit imposed when work needs to get done.

So, if any of the above are relatable to you, get on top of any issues to improve your productivity. There is work to be done, and you will feel better in yourself at the end of the day when you know you have completed everything you needed to within your timeframe.

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