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Offline methods for marketing your business


Social media marketing is big business. We are all reminded on a very regular basis about how important it is to use these powerful marketing tools to promote our businesses. Social media marketing has developed over the last ten to fifteen years into one of the biggest areas of the marketing industry. We are all susceptible to the lure of social media marketing.

While marketing businesses have refined their techniques further, we hear about artificial intelligence being applied to really go into the details of a person’s interests to increase the chances of marketing success. Social media marketing has become very targetted, and there is absolutely no denying that it is in fact very effective in its aims.

That said, there are many businesses out there that potentially put too much stock into their social media and search engine optimization campaigns. After all, that is where they are told to invest their time, money, and effort. But by putting all of their eggs in that basket, they are missing other ways of reaching their customers.

Traditional forms of marketing are very much going strong, and just as relevant today as they ever have been. Here are some ways that you can invest in other areas of marketing for your business.

Give away free items of relevance to your brand

When your business offers a product or service, give away a complimentary item that they can use. This item should have your company’s branding on it, that way they will think about you and the service that you have provided them whenever they use that item.

Make sure that the item is useful and of relevance to your business and the products or service that they have received from you.

A great example of this might be that if you run any type of business relating to the automotive industry, you could give your customers free branded, custom car air fresheners. Then, whenever your customer is driving, they will see the air freshener and think of your business.

Little touches like that can leave a lasting impression. But they needn’t cost much at all. Think about ways that you can factor the cost of the item you are giving into the wider cost of the service.

Use direct marketing techniques

Direct marketing may be something that many people hate the sound of. The idea of calling customers up or knocking on their doors can be a bit uncomfortable for many people. There are a lot of negative connotations associated with this type of marketing, however, when it is done right it can be very effective.

People like to actually talk to other people. We are social animals after all. And, we might be more inclined to actually buy a product or service if we speak to somebody about it first.

You need to make sure that your direct marketing technique is not heavy-handed in any way. The idea of the hard sell is something that is often something that springs to mind when they think of direct marketing, and this is a link that the people you are trying to engage with will also think. Find positive ways of communicating your message in the most effective manner. Be honest and upfront, and learn how to get your customers to trust you and your brand. 

Newspaper adverts

People still read newspapers. Although there may be constant stories about how print media is dying, it is still true that many people prefer to read a newspaper every day. There are also many great free newspapers. For example, in the UK, The Metro is maybe one of the most read newspapers in the country. It is given away free on public transport and is a great place to advertise.

Magazines are also still very widely read, and make a great place to advertise. 

Use public transport 

Your potential customers might be traveling long distances to get to work. With many people taking jobs that a considerable distance away from their homes, it is not uncommon for a vast amount of the workforce to be commuting for up to two or three hours each day. During this time, they are a prime audience for your marketing messages.

There are a whole host of different places that you can place adverts that will be seen by commuters on their daily journeys to and from work. You could place these at bus stops, in the entrance halls of train stations. Along the walls of railway platforms. You could also place these inside buses and trains.

When designing a marketing campaign for use on or around public transport infrastructures, think about how the audience will be viewing your advert. Will they be passing by it, potentially in a rush to catch their train? Will they be stood waiting next to it until their bus or train arrives? Or, will they see it while they are on the train or bus?

All of these different positions will the audience to see the message for a different length of time. You need to think about the amount of information you will be able to convey in each of these different approaches. For example, you will want a very image-heavy and easily digestible form of advert on posters on the way into train stations. You could have a more detailed advert that conveys more information inside a train or bus, where the person viewing it may have at least a few minutes to look at it.

The sides of busses are a great place to put adverts too. This is where you will catch the attention of the many drivers that use the roads each day. Again, this type of advert needs to be quite immediate as it may only be seen for a couple of seconds at best. 

Billboard advertising

Another great way of attracting the attention of motorists is through billboard advertisements. An eye-catching billboard campaign can attract the attention of a large number of drivers. This is particularly effective on busy routes.

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