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One simple solution to deal with customer support


There are two opportunities you can use to create customer loyalty. The first is by giving them a good experience when they purchase. The second — and in many ways the even more important one — is when they have a problem.

Dealing with problems efficiently and smoothly, with faultless communication, turns unhappy customers into happy fans who will spread the word about your business.

That’s why large companies invest big money into setting up efficient help desks, to ensure they don’t lose business in the help and support process. But now entrepreneurs and small businesses have a solution as well — and it doesn’t cost the earth!

Wix Answers help desk software is a fully branded help centre you can integrate into your business with a minimum of effort and fuss. But it’s no stripped-back system offering only bare bones functionality. Wix Answers includes an efficient ticketing system with multi-channel support, and a built-in call center to handle customer queries.

One simple solution to deal with customer support

And no, you don’t need to hire a hive of tech experts for installation. Wix Answers is designed to be a DIY solution that sets up easily and quickly, but with every aspect being customizable to meet your specific needs.

You simply choose the template that best suits your business, customise the features, change the look, add your logo and presto — you have a system as polished and professional as the world’s leading brands.

The support ticketing system can integrate with, and be managed from, email, phone, Facebook or other social media; allowing you to respond both quickly and personably to the clients.

And the integrated call center provides you with a toll-free numbers that allows you to respond to customer issues immediately — further building their loyalty.

One simple solution to deal with customer support

You can develop your support answers into a growing and comprehensive knowledge base software system that allows clients to search for their own solutions, and easily add photos and video that help explain the solutions. And you can add a widget to any page on your business website, allowing clients to access knowledge from the system on the fly.

And it has world class SEO that would even impress all those in-house tech experts you don’t need to hire!

And can it handle large numbers of queries, as your customer base grows? Well, Wix has been using it to competently handle its 120 million clients… so you can confidently expect to be dealing with yours as well as the corporate giants when you get to their size too!

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