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How online learning makes it easy to develop your skills and education


Your life is crammed with claims on your time and you’re constantly confronting hurdles to developing your skills and education. After all, how many career and business women could actually spare the precious time to attend classes let alone complete a whole course? But there is a solution — and one that is flexible enough to fit even the busiest schedule.

Online learning employs essentially an on-demand model for learning and education – it’s there ready and waiting when you are. This means you work when you can and at your own pace. There are no inconveniently time-tabled tutorials or lessons to attend, no 9am lectures… just readily accessible training that you work through step-by-step. And there are several factors that make this an obvious choice.

With technology ever-progressing, online learning isn’t a lonely digital wasteland anymore. Courses are interactive and structured; and communication channels are-free flowing —  with support networks accessible 24/7 through different platforms (including your own social media profiles). Online learning is now its own digital environment or ecosphere of education and communication that’s as close to face-to-face learning as possible – just in a more convenient setting.

As education providers develop their online learning capabilities, students are starting to see the benefits of being able to literally have it all. There’s no longer the drastic sacrifices women once faced when choosing to continue studying. Institutes like Upskilled deliver their courses 100% online so working professionals and goal-driven people don’t have to lose sight of their ambitions in order to improve themselves.

Through a customised student online portal and dedicated support staff, working women are able to graduate with a qualification through Upskilled with nothing more than their own determination and a connected device.

We all know finding time for self-development can be hard, almost impossible when you consider the sheer amount of hours the average woman spends working – on average over a week’s work more than men per year; accounting for ‘on-the-clock’ time and unpaid labour (child rearing, domestic work and care for others). The beauty of online learning is that you schedule it in on your own time, and not someone else who may be oblivious to all your other commitments. Because, no one knows you quite like yourself. And with plenty of courses being offered from higly-respected institutions, you’ll be able to find a degree that’ll fit in nicely with your preferred career path, like one can take their Master’s in Engineering online and be able to do so fully at home.

While the pressure is on you to complete the work, support networks are great for encouragement and ensuring you stay on track. Get involved with other students who are studying the same course and keep reminding each other that the goal is not far from reach you just have to keep working towards it. Trainers will gently nudge you to complete assessments on time so you keep progressing and if you involve friends and family, they’ll help to. You’re your own boss when it comes to online learning so crack the whip when you need to but also take time to appreciate what you’ve achieved. Often, this is the best inspiration for ploughing ahead.

In an ever connected and time-condensed world, online learning offers boundless opportunities for self-improvement and career enhancements so don’t brush off study simply because you’re too busy. It can be done. So, when are you logging in?

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