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The Internet age has brought marketing to a whole new level. The kinds of strategies that marketers used even 20 years ago are no longer relevant. Nowhere is this as true as it is in the world of social media marketing. Every type of business, from the Black Diamond Casino to baby supply stores are finding out that it’s important to have a good social media marketing strategy to effectively promote goods and services in today’s marketplace.

Your presence on social media can make or break your business. Statistics show that 90% percent of buyers look at online reviews before making a purchase. Large percentages of people first hear about a service or a product through social media channels. The search engines are a great tool but you can’t wait for customers to come to you. Using these social media marketing tips will help get your business in the public eye.


Connect your business’s website to your social networks so that potential customers can see you from all sides. In addition to simple hyperlinks there are recognized social media buttons that you can place on your website to encourage people to “follow” your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other pages. The social media sites provide profile-building tools that allow you to link directly back to your business’s site for easy access to the potential customer.

Social media links are viewed as high-quality links. Social sites are viewed by the search engines as offering an authoritative voice to authentic content and meaningful direction.


It’s easy to create a Twitter or Facebook account. But you have to stay consistent. Don’t allow your business page to venture off into sharing photos of your grandkids or discussions of your vacation adventures. By the same token, make sure that you keep your page updated with meaningful content. It’s suggested that you post on Facebook at least once a day and several times a day on Twitter and Instagram.

Only one in multiple posts should be a marketing post (“buy now”) – the rest should provide interesting information for your followers. For instance, if you’re marketing your home-cooked bakery items, you might want to share some recopies or show some photos.

Video content is highly valued on social media so put up videos whenever possible. Maybe try a video of yourself baking cookies or of a satisfied customer munching on those wonderful cookies!


You’ve probably heard about the importance of keywords in your website. Keywords are the words (phrases, actually) that help searchers find you in a search. It’s important to have keywords in your website, both in the front-end (the content that the site visitor sees) and in the back-end (the “insides” of your site with the codes, tags, etc).

What many people don’t realize is that it’s equally important to insert keywords into websites, ad campaigns and blog content. Use long-tailed keywords that will make you more easy to find. If you are promoting a lawn-cutting service in Minnesota, your keywords shouldn’t be “lawns, mowing, Minneapolis” and the like – they should be “lawn care in Minneapolis, Minneapolis lawn-cutting service, mowing grass in Minneapolis,” etc.

Use the Google Adwords tool to find the most relevant search terms (the terms that are used in the highest number of searches for your goods and services). Then, use those words liberally in your social media content.

It’s also a good idea to hashtag your keywords. According to research, 67% of social media users said that hashtags helped them to conduct accurate searches.  Some tips for using hashtags include

  • Identify the hastags that influencers in your niche are using
  • Identify the hastags that your competitors are using
  • Identify trending hashtags for your niche
  • Search for conversations that are happening that relate to your niche
  • Create a hashtag to market a promotion, contest or marketing campaign


People go on social media because they want to socialize. Those businesses that understand that dynamic are the ones that are the most successful in the social media marketing field.

What this means is that you have to find the ways to interact  with viewers so that they’ll follow you, reply to you, comment on your posts and share your content. The search engines, including the social media company’s own algorithms,  review social signals. They then use those signals (the likes, comments, shares, etc) to factor in how much meaningful content you are providing. The more meaningful content that you provide, the higher up these search engines will place you in the searches.


Your bio (or lately, your “story”) is one of the first things that people will review when they land on your page or profile. You need a complete profile, good photos and the inclusion of your main keywords to draw people to your presence on social media.

Add copy that explains your business while it gives viewers a sense of who you are. Again, if you have a business account, you don’t need to share photos of your grandchildren. But you do need to say a couple of words about how your passion led you to open this business, how your commitment to good service keeps you on your toes, how your past customers return on a regular basis, etc.


As mentioned previously, studies show that today, over 90% of consumers look at customer reviews as they determine where they will purchase goods and services. It’s a no-brainer to remind you that you need to be collecting reviews.

There are many places where reviewers can leave reviews. They include on a Google Business Page (for gmail users), on Yelp or other crowd-source review sites and various sites that collect reviews for specified businesses (for instance, Trip Advisor for travel-related goods and services.

Start by contacting past customers and asking them to post a review on a page that features your business. Keep the draft letter in your files so that you can contact clients after their purchases (don’t forget to collect email addresses!) easily to solicit reviews. Keep reviews current – that means making sure that new customers send in updated reviews on a regular basis.

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