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In business right now, doing deals with clients from overseas is all part of raising your brand’s profile. The value of local business has become near enough obsolete as more companies spread their wings in this way. After all, the further your reach, the more potential clients you come into contact with. That’s why it’s oh-so-important to set up online and offer international services. The only issue is, customer services can get tough when there are oceans between you.

You can’t exactly sweet talk overseas clients the way you would those who enter your business space. Eye contact and a bright smile won’t do anything to help you. What’s more, your services aren’t going to be half as immediate this way. Add those issues together, and you have a potential customer service nightmare on your hands.

You’ll be glad to hear, however, that is it still possible to offer stunning service across continents. All you need to do is forget what you know about customer service, and replace it with the following.

Adapt to the country in question

First, adapt dependent on the country in question. It may be that you need to remove local slang terms or sayings from your emails. You may even need to wake early to ensure that you can interact during your client’s working day. And, of course, you’ll need to understand the customs and manners of the country you’re dealing in. It may be that politeness back home is an insult to your new customer. Don’t let that set you back by doing your research ahead of time.

Simplify your processes

Complex processes are one of the main reasons for frustrations here. Your clients aren’t going to rate you if they have to jump through hoops to receive what they pay for. If they have to chase down lost packages, it looks terrible on you. That’s why you should track each package yourself. Make sure, too, to send them through private couriers so that you know they’ll stay safe and arrive fast. Equally, having to download intricate programs for file transfers is sure to irritate clients. Make sure that isn’t necessary by turning to a company like Digital Pigeon who allow you to send large files without any downloads. You want your overseas operations to feel as straightforward for those clients as a trip to the shops. So, perfect your processes to make sure of it.

Let them see your face

It’s also astounding how much of a difference seeing you could have on client interactions. Arranging regular facetime throughout your transactions could be your best tactic of all. This way, clients are more liable to feel a personal connection with you. Plus, this frees you up to turn to those tried and tested customer service charms. By adding this personal touch, you may even find that your client will be willing to overlook troubles in the other areas mentioned. The moment you receive an order, then, you need to start arranging video calls.

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