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Overthrow the female status quo


Feminism, in a sense, has become a dirty word. Men and women alike shy away from it because of the politically-charged madness surrounding its meaning. Ironically, its meaning has only been muddied by those who misinterpret it, but the simple fact is that most of us are feminists without even realising it. If you believe in equality for all men and women, you are a feminist. It doesn’t entail that you hate men or that you believe women are better than men. It entails simply that men and women are equal and deserve equal rights or opportunities, which is a belief that the majority of people hold.

Yet, the status quo of injustice still holds, as it does within many political circles for a whole variety of world issues. The challenge is changing perceptions and making men and women alike understand that we don’t have a devalue an entire gender because of outdated concepts, competitiveness in the workplace or simply bitter feelings. Women should be supporting other women, rather than bringing them down, and men should be embraced in this fight for change rather than shunned. Here are some suggestions for ways in which you, as a man or a woman, can make a real difference in changing the status quo regarding women and their rights in and out of the workplace.

Empower friends, colleagues and customers within business

Men and women alike become tangled up in the competitiveness and rivalry of the brutal business world. This is part of the industry, of course, but there are still ever-so-slight imbalances with regards to women. Rather than turning against one another in the workplace or the outside world, then, we need to be empowering our female colleagues or supporting female representatives in government. We need trying to cooperate rather than compete with others.

You should be working to spread the idea that female leadership is important and try to spread this idea throughout your workplace, as it’s a message which could really have an impact on the brand and its clients. Outside of work, of course, you shouldn’t belittle other women in different lines of work to you. Stay at home mothers are often dismissed as unimportant in today’s society, but it’s important that we value women who dedicate their lives to bringing up a human being.

Empower yourself

Perhaps this is a way of viewing feminism or the issues facing women that you hadn’t previously considered. Still, it makes sense, as even the strongest of women can feel small in the face of a culture which can often make us feel somehow worth less than men. You need to inspire and motivate yourself, and you could look at these success quotes for inspiration. It’s important that we start to change our own internal perceptions of what it means to be a woman, as we are all part of the problem. No gender is more “evil” than the other. We’re all equal, and that’s the whole reason for fighting to change the status quo. It can be hard to know what to believe when we’re all taught to think or perceive things in a certain way, but the key to changing that starts with our own individual minds.

Talk to men

Feminism is often tarred with the brush of “men-hating”, which couldn’t be further from its true definition. Of course, feminism strives towards rebalancing the slight dismissal of women in comparison with men, but the goal is equality. Bashing the other gender instead would be hypocritical and render the entire purpose of feminism redundant. We need to be talking to one another about the issues both genders face and the steps which need to be taken to finally give men and women the same opportunities in life.

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