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You owe your employees, but not the world


The thing almost every new business owner finds most challenging of all is managing a team. Of all the tasks that come with starting a business, it is having responsibility for your employees that is most alien. So alien, in fact, a lot of bosses don’t even know what is expected of them or what kind of thing they owe their employees.

Oh, yeah, your employees are going to expect a few things and enter your business with certain preconceived ideas of what you are going to deliver them. Trust us, it’s important you do what you can on this front because employee satisfaction is right up there on the importance list. Of course, you can also go too far on this front, which could cripple your business in the early stages.

Read on to see our list of basic things you need to offer your employees, as well as certain trends that can wait.

A safe – not fun – place to work

With the world heading down the Google route of offering in-house ping pong tables, saunas, and sushi bars, it can be easy to think fun perks are a modern day necessity. But they’re not. Sure, it is something more candidates are looking for in an office, but safety really, really needs to be your main priority – both physically and emotionally. That means regular hazard checks and smoke alarm testing and having the right security measures. The other thing you should focus on this front is the office environment. You want somewhere safe, but you also want somewhere comfortable that is primed for productivity.

Transparency, but not total transparency

From the hiring process right the way through their employment, you need to offer your employees a sense of transparency. Be clear about what you expect of them, what the company goals are and why you have chosen to make certain decisions. Why do you owe your employees this? Simple. A better understanding leads to better results and better brand credibility. However, you don’t owe them total transparency. You have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. Where exactly is up to you, but it could be your financials, who and why you are hiring more people or what others saw their contracts get terminated.

Growth is different from a promotion

Every employer needs to offer their employees the chance to grow as professionals, not just because that’s what they want but because your employees will always remain your most important asset. That means offering an in-depth onboarding program, regular training, opportunities to develop, mentoring programmes, regular feedback or anything else that would constitute as a chance to grow. However, the growth and improvement of your employees does not have to translate into a promotion – and a new title – each and every eight months. There are other ways to reward growth, and those options should be explored, whether they be share-options, gym memberships, or whatever else. Just make sure you are transparent with your employees about this to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. Nothing creates acrimony more than crossed wires.

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