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  • Drama young business woman

    Boss Lady

    If you cry at your job you need to quit

    Ladies. If you have been brought to tears in the workplace, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but your credibility has been shot. That’s right,...

  • female boss is angry, shrill and Pushy

    Boss Lady

    How to stop fear being your boss

    I remember years ago sitting at my desk shaking with fear. Anyone would have thought my life was in danger. It wasn’t. I had to make a call to...

  • business styling body language trends executive style

    Boss Lady

    3 questions to make your day powerful

    It’s important for any female entrepreneur, career or business woman to know she’s growing, aligned and powerful. Without this, confidence can take a nosedive and in business confidence is...

  • expectations of women

    Career Woman

    Work life balance quotes: 5 to use every day

    When I was a kid I played on a giant seesaw. I’d walk up one end until I got to the middle.  When I reached the middle I would...

  • efficient office solutions employee engagement ideas Boost confidence diverse team

    Boss Lady

    Beware the friends you make at work 

    It’s a tough ride for a woman in the career-climbing business. Meeting new people when you work long hours inevitably means you will no doubt get closer to them...

  • Career Woman

    Why women struggle to be engaged at work

    Lately I’ve been wondering if we are often focusing too much on our clients at the expense of our people. While organisations concentrate on building organisational efficiency, improving customer...

  • beware the dark side of business

    Business of Men

    Dangers of diversity utopia

    When the topic of diversity is discussed, often even the shyest people have something to say. Why? Because we have all been discriminated against at some time for some reason. Yes,...

  • air quality healthy air asbestos dangers

    Boss Lady

    4 tips if you don’t want to digital detox

    You might have heard the buzz words ‘digital detox’ being thrown around in recent times, and you might find yourself feeling anxious at the idea of taking part in...

  • Virtual data room women hate women in social media

    Boss Lady

    3 key tips to deal with interruptions

    I like to be the first person in the office. That hour before people arrive is when I get my best work done.  The day is fresh, my thoughts...

  • Ella Qiang fintech leader

    Boss Lady

    5 tips to choose the best role models

    Professionally, I look to a number of people as my role models.  My list of well-known role models that I aspire to have some or all of the characteristics...

  • online marketing strategy added value smart investment

    Boss Lady

    The 6-step goal setting formula for success

    Goal setting is not a new concept as it pertains to success in business and in life; but so often women struggle to set goals in a way that...

  • focusing on your strengths

    Boss Lady

    Look lady, you are your own worst enemy

    After recently writing a piece for my Fight or Fade BlogSpot, I realised a reoccurring theme for me seems to be guilt. Writing my blog has become my personal...