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  • Boss Lady

    5 Bad credit consequences for your business

    Your credit history and score are two important things individuals should keep track of in order to make big purchases and get approved for credit cards and loans of...

  • Career Woman

    What to do if your ideas are repeatedly stolen

    Ever had this experience? You’re in a meeting, you introduce a great new idea, but nobody seems to notice. Minutes later, a man repeats your idea, and everyone says...

  • Personalization tips to improve your email marketing


    Personalization tips to improve your email marketing

    Companies use email marketing to reach customers at all stages of the sales funnel. From brand new and potential customers to the returning and loyal customers, email marketing lets...

  • Find the perfect career with these top tips

    Boss Lady

    Find the perfect career with these top tips

    Choosing the perfect career is something you need to make the most of right now. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind when it...

  • Boss Lady

    Best digital marketing tips in lockdown

    Managing a business when everyone is self-isolating is a new challenge that your business career never prepared you for. Your activities need to be entirely focused online to reach...

  • Boss Lady

    When to get contractors into your office

    Business owners are often highly motivated, capable people. If you add to this the self-sufficient and “I can do it” attitude of women who become business leaders, you end...

  • Career Woman

    Career advice for the recent female graduate

    You have finally graduated after years of hard work and struggle. For most people, it’s a time filled with excitement and a bit of uncertainty. Where will you work?...

  • Boss Lady

    How to use sport as a business networking tool

    Networking is something that every business person needs to be able to master. Networking opens the doors to new possibilities, clients and customers, vendor and supplier relationships, and even...

  • Career Woman

    9 Simple ways to beat work-related stress

    Any job sometimes can have a stressful side, even if you love what you are doing. Your computer hangs,  the boss isn’t happy with your project, your phones keep...

  • Boss Lady

    The future of retail ePOS systems

    It wasn’t long ago that POS systems were merely the mechanism for taking a customer’s money when they paid for a product. Cash boxes and handwritten receipts were the...

  • Invest in profitable relationships

    Boss Lady

    Invest in profitable relationships

    Relationships are not always easy. We have all had our ups and downs in different relationships in life, whether they are short or long-termed, romantic and otherwise.  Some relationships...

  • Developing the skills to build a bespoke ecommerce website

    Boss Lady

    Developing the skills to build a bespoke ecommerce website

    There are a lot of options available to small businesses looking to get started with a website. You can pay a freelancer or agency to handle this work for...