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Are you a part of someone’s upturn plan?


It’s true, in case you have not heard that the “Great Recession” is about to become the “Great Awakening” — as economic conditions continue to show signs of recovery, companies and businesses all around the world are bracing for what is now called “The Resume Tsunami.” Companies that were once quick to cut workers loose are instead loosening their purse strings to ensure their organization is opportunity-ready. Skilled candidates who were once sidelined by the loss of job prospects are now lining up to be a part of someone’s upturn plan. Is this YOU? Have you secured your place in line? And have you made yourself just as marketable during the recession as you hope to be during the recovery?

If you have not focused on your brand, now is the time to create your online sound-bite so that you will be sought after. The very best companies are already looking for people who can fill immediate demand and deliver immediate results to help them catch up during the upcoming growth spurt. Here are five things you can do to make yourself upturn-ready.

Your upturn readiness plan – five things you can do to make yourself upturn ready

1. Re-key your online career profile with upturn keywords

During an economic recovery top candidates will be found through keyword searches. Make sure your profile is posted on professional networking sites like,, and facebook that can be easily found in a three word search. For example, Computer-Technical-Analyst, Marketing-Sales-Professional, or Healthcare-Administration-Specialist. Your keywords will put you at the front of the line when they come searching for you.

2. Build an inventory of professional references for jobs you have not yet applied to fill

References will become more important during the recovery because jobs will be filled more quickly, through referral sources. So don’t wait until the interview to ask for a reference. Build your reference yellow pages now. When you ask for a reference you automatically put yourself in someone’s mental rolodex which makes you more memorable when an opportunity becomes available.

3. Research your sector to understand how you fit into the recovery plan

The upturn in hiring across sectors will be driven by immediate needs that prompt an opening. This means that companies will take fewer risks and select candidates who already have a track record in a particular area. So position yourself and your elevator pitch as a solution to a specific issue, crisis, or current opportunity that a company is dealing with, that can be met with your capabilities.

4. Let your contacts know you are available

It seems obvious but the reality is many candidates do not make it known that they are available. Instead, they wait for the opportunities to trickle their way into their email inbox. In an upturn, waiting puts you at the back of the line. Make yourself a commodity by asking others in your network for the opportunity to make a contribution. Devote at least one hour a day toe-mailing your professional contacts. Let them know you are taking your career to the next level and that you want to make a difference, perhaps with their company. Your attitude in the recovery should be driven by the confidence you have in your skill.

5. Ask an influential executive to represent you for future opportunities

Business relationships are often predicated on the mutual exchange of value. Did you know that you can help someone just by letting them represent you to other influential contacts in their network? When you are referred for an opportunity that helps improve the relationship someone has with one of their contacts because of your capabilities, you become a gift from one business partner to another. So ask someone to represent you and use the upturn to turn yourself into a “gift” not just a “find.”

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