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People sell dreams and deliver nightmares


Daydreaming is a popular pastime for every single person. And it’s an important part of visualising your future success and goals. Visualisation can include dreaming about how successful you want to become, how you want to develop your business or career, even just about that car you want. Dreaming can be very enjoyable — but it can also be very addictive .

That’s why so many business businesses can sell you on a dream. Because you’re already hooked on it.
The problem is that dreams are not real. And unless you have a very specific targeted plan and will put in the work, your dreams will remain just that… dreams.
Another danger about dreams is that they distract us from what we are currently working on and can gradually pull us away from reality.

The power of dreams is never more evident than in the business of selling. Many businesses and their marketing departments have found a loophole to avoid having to deliver anything of real value by focusing on selling to people exactly what they want to be sold. Dreams.

¬†Whether it is a promise of massive success or to look magically younger (usually with this ‘one weird old trick’), businesses are selling dreams and people are spending millions buying them.
Unfortunately when it comes to the business world, buying the promise of a dream most definitely ends up a total nightmare. You could end up in debt and no better off (sometimes worse off) than where you were when you started.

Key warning signs to look out for are:

    • In business, if someone is telling you it’s easy they are misleading you. Business is hard, and succeeding at it even more so. Few things that are worth having are able to be had without work.
    • If you are impressed with their promises, ask for evidence of prior results. For example, don’t pay someone to help you in an area that they themselves have not succeeded in.
    • If you feel rushed, don’t do it. Rushing into any decision in life most often results in regret so take your time and do your research. Don’t be impulsive.
    • Google them. A very simple way to find out who they are, what is their track record in this area in which they are selling the dream.
    • Limit your time around them. Don’t spend week long conferences or 8-hour day workshops alone with these people. If they are professional bullshit artists then they will have more ability to brainwash you the longer you spend with them.

Listen to your gut.

The final point and the most important is if in doubt throw it out. Forget the fear of missing out. You will thank yourself in the long run.


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