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Personal branding is not just a PR exercise


In many circles, the notion of personal branding was once deemed as a PR tactic just for business moguls or celebrities. Now, personal branding is something that we should all practice. There are many reasons why being the face of your business can help you to improve your public relations, but also help you promote your services as part of a marketing campaign.

Why personal branding is crucial

Let’s show you some reasons why personal branding may help you to be the face of your business.

It Makes You More Memorable

When we are delving into a variety of marketing practices that ensure that we are promoting our products, regardless of whether we have the best marketing software or products that are transcending boundaries, the fact is that people are able to recognize faces rather than names.

Translate this to how your business can promote itself better, and a face, on its own, can work wonders, but when you start to implement additional personality traits that have their own quirks, this means customers are more likely to remember who you are. 

Fast food companies focus on creating personalities that set themselves apart. Once upon a time, there was Ronald McDonald, and whether you love or loathe clowns, the association of a character with the brand instantly made the products more memorable. Because humans endeavor to identify themselves with other human beings, personal branding will help you to cut through the noise.

It Helps You Create a Story

If you have started your business for a specific reason, this needs to be part of your brand persona. If you have worked at creating a charitable organization, and this came about from deeply personal experiences, you may not feel inclined to share those stories, but your own story is what will make the business different. 

For those that are creating charitable ventures from a deeply personal experience, rather than thinking this is exploitative, the bravery in being willing to expose yourself is what will help others to emphasize or sympathize, and this means you can get the conversation going between customer and company. 

Personal branding also helps in relation to how you create promotions for your business in the press. It can help you to maintain a higher profile in comparison to other businesses in the market. 

It Builds Trust

One of the most fundamental components of appealing to any customer is all about trust. If a customer does not trust your abilities to deliver what you promise, they will not come within earshot. When it comes to being the face of your brand, consumers will trust people more than a faceless company.

You are creating a business that is selling products, but if you put yourself as the face of your company, you are exposing yourself and asking customers to trust you. You’re not asking them to trust the business, but you are asking them to put faith in who you are, especially if you are putting forth your personality. 

It’s important that when you are using yourself as part of a promotional package, you try to avoid the bluff and bluster that comes with being a business leader, but rather learn how to be yourself.

It’s important that we learn how to communicate ourselves when it comes to making promotions, for example, if we provide YouTube videos that we host, we can have an acting coach help us to tap into our version of ourselves, but we have to remember that when we are promoting our brand, we’ve got to to be who we are rather than trying to cover up.

If a customer likes you, they are more likely to trust you, and therefore, are more likely to trust your product and will be more inclined to purchase from you and recommend your services to other people.

You Position Yourself as an Authority

Many people use YouTube platforms as a way to be an authority on a specific subject. There’s a reason why children want to be YouTubers when they grow up because the videos they watch encompass people who have passions for products and this passion shines through.

When you are in charge of a business, big or small, you have the potential to be an expert, which will go a long way to building your credibility. People who run YouTube channels that offer insight into the markets use personal branding as the promotional package because they have expertise that differentiates themselves from others. 

Someone who has an understanding of the US property market and knows how to give insight into the things that people want but also positions themselves at the center of their promotional tactics means that those who view those videos invariably associate the personality with the information. 

While this works wonders on YouTube, in terms of a real-life business, you can also do this in how you promote yourself and become an expert on a niche part of the market. When you position yourself as an expert, especially away from the Instagrammers and YouTubers in the world in the field of business, you are instantly setting yourself apart from what is out there.

This means that, as long as you have a unique product and you are an expert in the field, people will flock to you, which enhances your reputation, your credibility, and the possibilities are endless.

You Communicate Emotion

In terms of marketing, video is a far better performer across all of social media and Google. Video is the perfect opportunity to be your authentic self in front of an audience. We’ve talked about the importance of building trust, but part of the reason an audience member is going to feel like they want to purchase from you is about the emotion you capture in your personal branding. 

Video is the perfect opportunity to be authentic, as they will feel like they know the people in videos. It’s a very cost-effective method of introducing yourself to people across social media platforms and it also means that, in comparison to other types of content, you are making a better impact.

As far as the content mill is concerned, blogs or podcasts certainly have their place, but if you have the ability to put across the right personal branding emotion relating to the product you are pushing in video form, there is nowhere to hide. 

You will come across far better as someone who is open and honest, and yes, this means that you are opening yourself up for criticism from trolls, however, when you are positioning your service for a particular part of the market, the vast majority of people out there understand that trolls are dead weight.

It’s critical that you be the best version of you possible, and this is why, for the sake of customer service, you learn to be inherently you in terms of how you behave not just on your platform, but in public. 

To be a personality that makes an impact on others is partly about how you are in real life. You are not a celebrity, but if you encounter someone in real life that has commented on your business or has purchased from you, good manners cost nothing. It’s so simple, but if you are pleasant in every interaction you make, you will be generating the most important aspect of business promotion: word-of-mouth.

You Can Join the Conversation

The great thing is that if you become the face of your business, you can react quickly to things that go on in the market. If you are able to respond to a crisis or there is something occurring in real-time that you can comment on, this is a wonderful way to create something that positions you in the consciousness of people.

It all depends on the type of business that you are running, and if your business is a real estate agency, the costs of properties going up and down will position you to deliver your opinions on the market.

It’s an Identity

Being the personal branding face of the business does not just mean that it’s you front and center of your promotional materials, that is your logo’s responsibility and this is what should be used to identify you, but without having a face, your business identity could run the risk of appearing impersonal. 

Logos and typography are all essential to ensuring you are providing a platform for your services that looks fantastic, but when you give yourself a face that people can identify with, you are instantly making an interesting subject more personable.


Being a leader can help you develop your brand in so many ways, and if you are the personal branding face of your business, you have a personality that can connect with others, this is what will take your business skyward in the long run. Our business brand is its personality, and therefore when it comes to creating a connection between consumers and companies, being the face of a brand allows you to get ahead of the curve because it allows you to tap into that innate human need that will not do your business any harm in the long run.


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