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How to pick the career of your dreams


Any time you come to a decision to either begin a career or change to a different one, it can seem like such a harrowing and agonizing experience. And you may have to endure months or even years of frustrating job searches and interviews, whilst however still not discovering the job or career that fits you. Deciding on your vocation may seem downright terrifying.

According to your personal and individual preferences, you could presently harbor decades of practical experience at one career, and the prospect of leaving it all behind could seem like total self-destruction. Or, you could be a new college graduate about to enter a climate that is not particularly friendly to new career seekers.

It might be wonderful if we could just ask a genie to grant our wishes or snap our magic fingers, but regrettably, we really don’t have that help. Even so, as an alternative to blindly searching for a hot new career without any genuine strategy about what you want, check out these practical tips that can help guide you onto your path to career success. So if you’re wondering how to pick a career, look no further just read below.

Focus on what you like or enjoy

This could be a little too obvious, advising to focus on what you like, but most people really don’t pay attention to this. A great number of individuals try to find careers that they think will make them successful or comfortable, or they request positions which are in demand, such as a high-paying position, or possibly a shoe-in-the-door. You’re really shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t like what you do.

How do you really know what you like? What exactly are your interests? Do you enjoy interacting with people? Do you like to work privately, alone? Do you like hanging out with young people, older people, or kids? Do you like technology? Do you want to work with computers, or maybe you hate computers? Although there’s no single technique to learn that which you genuinely like, listed below are some available chances which can help you find out far more about your likes and dislikes.

TauseefAlam, CEO at DistanceEducation360 (A Distance Education Portal), said in an interview “We always encourage our students to focus on what they like. This helps them knowing their capabilities and making informed decisions and this is the right beginning of becoming a successful manager.”

Take tests, assess yourself!

Taking self-assessments, even though it could seem to be redundant, is an idea you should strongly consider. Like most of us, it’s hard to know what you really have a passion for or could enjoy without taking these kinds of tests to question yourself seriously. Or, you could already possibly know just what you like, however you have an issue determining how you can put it into action to kick-start your career. Get in touch with the counselling department at your regional work company, college, or temp agency to request an assessment. There really is no wrong answer; you will basically be supplied an in-depth questionnaire about your temperament along with your lifestyle.

This all will depend on your answers, so you’ll be presented a rationalization, to assist you in establishing what sort of occupation might be the best suited for you. Afterward, you have the choice of talking with a counsellor who will establish selected places of interest primarily based on your evaluation, and he or she can keep on doing work with you providing what you will need. On top of that, you may uncover on-line assessment exams. Do not rely on just one single exam; take many. Not all exams will be identical, and also you may possibly discover a hidden talent or an appreciation for one particular subject, that you did not experience from a unique exam.

These assessments could expose you to your strengths, and how they might actually overlap to fulfil a career path. However, you must keep in mind that these assessments are not the last word on your ability and what you should do only as a rough guideline to help you discover what you might enjoy doing. At the end of the day you really have to pay attention to your gut feeling. In regards to what you really enjoy and we have a burning passion for. At the end of the day, only you can determine what you really want not just a piece of paper.

Taking classes

Along with assessment exams, as discussed earlier. You can also take classes at a local community college. Most of these colleges supply non-credit courses that can help expose you to subjects or career paths that you might enjoy. These classes, because they are noncredit, are very easy and not as intensive compared to other credited classes. Furthermore, these classes are non-credit so they also mean that they are very affordable.


Move the single most important aspects of any career development isnetworking. Who you know is often times more important than what you know. Some of the best ways to network, starting out are to do internships and job shadowing.


An internship is one of the best ways to get exposure to the career path he might be interested in doing. It will expose you to the tasks and responsibilities are required for that career. Additionally, you will also be exposed to people who work in that field, which will be an invaluable resource for you. You may be thinking that internships are only for college students but this is not the case. When you talk to your prospective employer, you should let them know that you are not sure at night or career choices and that you would like an interesting opportunity to examine the industry. The downside for internships, and that they tend to have very minimal pay and in some cases. You work for free. However, this is one the best way to get your foot in the door and if they like you they will hire you.

Job shadowing

Similar to internships career shadowing or job shadowing will expose you to career paths before you jump in. However for job shadowing, this is more specific to students for college students. Many companies in the local area offer drop shadowing opportunities. These are a lot shorter than internships, but they will expose you to the way the company runs in the type of work that you might do if you were to enter that field. Allow companies like to provide drop shadowing to attract potential employees to their company benefits. Again, this is a great way to get your foot in the door and potentially a great career down the road.

Informational interviews

Besides career shadowing and internships, you could actually talk to real professionals in your field to set up an informational interview. While you do not get actual on-the-job experience, you will learn a lot of information from people who are willing to share their experience with you. You can easily set up an informational interview if asked politely and show that you have a real serious interest in actually working for that industry.

During the interview, you want to ask questions of what is important to you and how that relates to their company. Also, want to let them know clearly what you’re interested in working in that industry.

It is through internships, career shadowing and informational interviews that you really develop a strong network. You will get to know a lot of people in your fields of interest that can help you along the way to achieving your career goals.

Location location location

There not many things in this world that don’t revolve around thelocation. Outside the Internet location often times the end all be all of thesuccess. So, as a prospective employee, you really need to pay attention to thelocation when you want to know how to pick a career. For many people, they have other responsibilities besides hunting for a career. They may have afamily is friends or relatives. They are very close to both in the relationship and location. For this reason that it is very important for them to choose a career that is reasonably close to where they live. Or they want to live. Need to take into account commute time traffic and accessibility.

As you embark on your journey towards your dream career, there are many factors outlined in this article that you should definitely take into account. Don’t get lazy. Pick a career or job as a full-time job in itself. So there is no room for slacking. So get cracking on your quest to find out how to pick a career.

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