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Office Christmas party ideas: 5 ways to plan for a fun, safe office party


When it comes to thinking about office Christmas party ideas, you need to ensure the party is both fun and safe for everybody to celebrate the end of the year.

With the days of fun work parties sadly over for the moment, party experts Funlab Virtual have come up with great Covid-proof office Christmas party ideas  to celebrate the silly season with as many people as you like. They bunkered down after commissioning a nationwide survey, which found half of the professionals and businesses surveyed had already cancelled a Christmas get-together because of Covid, with border restrictions stopping a whopping 77 per cent from partying with friends and family. And it’s not as if Christmas wasn’t stressful enough already!

Funlab Virtual CEO Michael Schrieber said Christmas was a crucial time to connect, and he hoped the office Christmas party ideas of new hosted virtual games would keep the festive spirit alive for both business teams and families.

“The survey also revealed that 74.5 per cent of people are still working from home full or part time, so getting everyone together physically in one room is more difficult than ever,” he said. “As the operators of 45 entertainment venues (including the hugely popular Strike Bowling and Skyzone), we understand the challenges large businesses are facing trying to organise Covid-safe Christmas parties.

“Although strict lockdowns have ended in some area, restrictions on social gatherings remain in place in others to stop the spread of COVID, making virtual parties immensely appealing.”

Office Christmas party ideas

  1. Organise a virtual game with your work team to celebrate Christmas and thankfully, the end of 2020. Funlab’s virtual games can host from five to 5000 people – which makes for a mean Zoom call! You can choose between virtual worlds such as surviving on a desert island in “Choose Your Adventure”, virtual pub trivia in Quiz Race, a quick-fire round of the best trivia or The Game Show, a nostalgic fusion of some of Australia’s most iconic game shows. A glass of champers or a cold beer during the games is a must!
  2. Break up your team into Covid-friendly groups and send them to pubs or bars across your city. After a few hours jump onto a Zoom call and all cheer at once! Remember to check restrictions before booking as large groups in most States are still not allowed.
  3. Puzzle your way out of an Escape Room – without leaving your home! This virtual game is for smaller groups as only a maximum of ten people can play. Again, log onto zoom and enter a themed online room hosted by a Funlab games expert. You will discover a series of riddles and clues which you have to work out to escape the virtual room before time runs out. You and your colleagues work together so it is a fun team-building exercise before you all escape for that much-needed Christmas break.
  4. Download a Secret Santa app and give gifts to each other. Do this early because of postal restrictions, and put a money limit on the gift. Remember to include the boss! Open the presents on a Zoom call. Big laughs guaranteed.
  5. Take advantage of the fact you will have a smaller Christmas celebration this year without all the relatives you must be polite to! Embrace your smaller tribe and get them all to contribute to a massive festive feast. The kids can make a gingerbread house while the adults cook the turkey. Remember, large family gatherings have caused new outbreaks of Covid so keep it small, but not necessarily simple!

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