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How many plans do you really need to run a business?


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It’s a question that many aspiring leaders have asked themselves, what do I really need to run a business? The answer can vary from person to person, but the fundamentals will never change, a solid business plan, the ability to communicate yourself, and having the courage to fail. Why are these so important?

Business plan

The business plan is a vital component when you’re starting out. It is your starting block, but it is also the document where you should really highlight your big plans. You need a business plan regardless, whether you are looking for funding or you are starting out from your garage, make the plan as detailed as possible and it becomes the manifesto for how you can execute your company. Having a half-baked plan doesn’t help, and being scatterbrained with many ideas sounds good in theory, but it’s not conducive to a decent business setup. Having the right business plan means you need to take into account your advertising and marketing strategies when you make plans.

Marketing plan

The ability to make sure that you know your target market will concentrate your efforts on making a marketing plan that is finely tuned and puts your product in the best possible light, and this can take some time and a lot of trial and error. You can employ a digital marketing agency to work with on the finer points of your plan and help to concoct an image that works for every single part of your business, from your website to your social media output. A business plan works better when there is more detail and inherent understanding of the business. Many companies starting out feel that by catering for as many different types of audience, they are hedging their bets, which is actually counterproductive. This is because you are spreading yourself very thinly, and not focusing on one area of your company to strengthen.

Networking plan

Networking or communicating yourself within the right circles is such an important skill to learn. It helps you to align yourself with the right people, identify the current trends, and it works to help you improve how you promote your business and make it stand out for the right reasons. There are many sources available online, but the best way to learn how to network is to get out there and do it. It is, in many ways, a case of throwing yourself to the lions. But you are leading a business, and by getting your personality out there, you need to remember that you are the representative of the company, so you need to act accordingly!

Failure plan

And with this comes something that is very difficult to admit, we all have times where we don’t do as well as we’d like to. But having the strength to fail is a very commendable personality trait. Taking risks shows bravery and it is a big thing to prime yourself up to doing, but in failing we learn so much more than when we do well. Failure isn’t a bad thing at all, and as long as you remember this — and plan to learn from the failure — , you will make your business bigger and better.

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