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Why playing it safe is keeping you broke


It’s time to mix things up if you really want to stand out in the online world. Business owners are very aware these days that being online is a necessity not a luxury if they want to remain relevant to their consumers. They are also aware that it’s not enough to just be online, businesses also need to have a strong presence and a strong message if they’re going to cut through the incessant noise online.

There are new businesses coming into your space on a daily basis and if you want to gain (or retain) the maintain the visibility that is necessary to retain your consumer base, then businesses need to stop playing it safe and  start doing things differently.

We’ve seen Nike push the limits with their ad campaign featuring NFL player Colin Kaepernick after he refused to stand for the American National Anthem along with the slogan “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”. People either loved it or hated it and was the opposite of playing it safe, resulting in a lot of attention.

Business owners these days have become very scared and timid when it comes to their marketing. With the threats of trolling and strewn all over the internet being apparent on a daily basis, most decide to play it safe, which is costing you money in sales (because those who agree will give you money hand over fist) and you’re on the train to becoming broke.

Many businesses don’t need to go to these lengths, however, and access multi-million-dollar budgets and campaigns to stand out. Being vanilla and trying to please everyone is no longer the way to manage your online marketing.

Follow these five steps to get out of playing it safe.

1. What makes your company different and then shout if from the rooftops

When you take a stand for something and you know exactly what makes you different, people feel a sense of certainty and security. One of the best things that you can do is to make a big claim that you can back up. A claim that you can put your hand on your heart and attest to. For instance, “Creating the best shoes in the world” or “I know we can help any business owner double their business”.

Many business owners are afraid of making big claims about what makes them different for fear of reprisal. Most find that consumers gravitate towards businesses who have certainty in their marketing.

2. Use your personality

For solo business owners this is an easy and it can also be for larger organisations as well. People buy from people (even if they buy online), because a human has to enter their card details or PayPal information! A human is making a buying decision and people like to feel connected to the company they’re buying from.

For instance, you could champion one of your team to be the Video Person and share with them a bit more than the corporate stance. If you have a staff member who is a foodie and loves talking about food, you could have ‘what’s for lunch’ campaign where you share behind the scenes at lunch times! 

It’s about finding things that aren’t necessarily related to your product to provide a 360degree view of the organisation and the values of the organisation.

3. Add value – don’t just sell

This might sound very much unsafe given that without money you don’t have a business, but it works. When you’re adding value into the marketplace with your content, it shows your audience that you value them. That you know them. That you care about them and their lives.

Add value a few times a day and then ask your audience to buy something from you.

4. Consistency wins!

Consistency is the key to all of this working and remaining relevant. Visibility is a slow-moving beast that needs constant fuel. In order for your company to visible online, you have to be consistently adding value by way of creating and sharing free content.

There are some people who require 10+ touch points with a company before they’ll consider buying from you (or even requesting a free give away from you). So be consistent so that these people feel safe enough to buy.

5. Have an opinion and share it.

We discussed the Nike commercial earlier and the commercial demonstrates Nike’s company values. It shows that they, too, are willing to stand for what they believe in.

Having an opinion about issues in the world will help you to bring those who love you and your company closer to you and repel those that don’t. People are attracted to strength and certainty in marketing, so the more vocal you can be with the opinions of your organisation, the better.

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Nicola Moras is an online visibility expert, author of Into The Spotlight, a guide to help you step up your online visibility, become a Rockstar in your industry and make your business thrive in the simplest way possible. Find out more at

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