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jaquiJaqui Lane is a renowned corporate storyteller, business history writer, biographer and book coach who helps large companies, SMEs and individual consultants capture and publish their stories or IP across all platforms.

With over 25 years experience in corporate and business publishing worldwide with major companies, family businesses professionals and individuals there’s not much she hadn’t read or seen in the world of writing and publishing.

As a published author of business histories and international trade books she is expert at writing and delivering content that resonates and this helps companies, businesses and people build stronger, deeper, more meaningful and profitable relationships. Content marketing is marketing these days and she is focused on the quality of the content as “that’s were it all starts… the storytelling.”

She shares her insights and tips with The Business Woman Media…
What sparked your move into the field 

I’ve always been fascinated by history and books. If I am not reading
a history book I am researching and writing one. There’s so much I don’t know
so I am on an endless quest to learn and to write histories that others enjoy.

What were the biggest challenges (and how did you face them)

When I started my corporate publishing business the biggest challenge was how
to manage growth and people. I didn’t come from a business background so
everything was new. I was fortunate that I had a business partner who was
a highly experienced business person, in fact he was my mentor.

In terms of writing, the biggest challenge is having the courage to share what you
have written with other people, not just your clients. I liken it to being a painter.
You put your heart and soul into something and then put it out there for everyone to
see/read. It’s scary because people might not like it.

Every time I send the first draft of a manuscript off I have the same feelings of
trepidation. You just have to have courage and belief.

How have you grown your business

Mostly word of mouth. As a corporate storyteller my business is based
on trust and skill. Both have to be earned and once earned people share
their experiences with me with their peer groups.

What do you plan for the future

More books and more reading. I love the challenge of starting a new corporate story,
there’s always something to learn and new people to meet. I am planning to write my first novel, a story based on the life of my grandfather. That’s going to be
a challenge as I haven’t written a novel before.

What are the 3 key pieces of advice you would give women embarking on a similar career.

Start early, seek mentors, be brave.


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