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Power up your waiting room


Waiting. Nobody likes to wait, but we all have to do it from time to time. Doctors’ offices have a waiting room, companies have a reception with a designated waiting area. If you care about your visitors, you can make your waiting area as pleasant as possible by paying attention to details.

First impressions

A waiting room or reception area is the first thing a patient or visitor sees. It is imperative that this space is clean and tidy. First impressions count as a reception or waiting room is an extension of your organization and by definition an extension of you. When a visitor sees a well-kept office, he will automatically assume that your products or services are top notch too.

Comfortable furniture

A waiting room should be welcoming. Having a few plastic chairs does not give a good impression. Having comfortable furniture on the other hand not only ensures the comfort of your visitors but gives the impression that your organization is doing well. You’ve invested in the comfort of your visitors. While creating a business-like environment is fine, you want a waiting room where people comfortable. If you search for office equipment suppliers on the web, you’ll find they provide a wealth of waiting room furniture which is both formal, comfortable, and stylish.

Offer refreshments

Provide coffee, tea, juice, and water for your visitors. They might be thirsty or nervous and having something to drink will make them more comfortable. If you have limited space or a limited budget, install at least a water cooler along with paper cups.

Leather, fabric or plastic

The type of upholstery you choose for your seating area will depend on the type of business you run. If you want to make a statement of wealth, you can’t go wrong with leather. If you want to create a warm environment where people feel at home, fabric would be a wise choice. If on the other hand, your business deals with children or animals, plastic is the smarter option.

Provide entertainment

Waiting can be boring or stressful. Providing your visitors with a form of entertainment shows that you care. Simple touches such as soft music playing and a range of newspapers and magazines available can make all the difference. It is important these items are neatly laid out, having magazines and newspapers sprawled all over the room certainly will not make the best impression. Simple equipment like magazine racks will keep these in order which can easily be bought from any stationery shops online. Not only do they keep the waiting room neat and tidy, they provide a clear overview of what is available. Magazine displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from wood, plastic or metal, shaped like a basket, mounted to a wall, or free standing.

Decorating materials

Depending on your business, you can decorate your waiting room or reception area with a number of items. You can impress your visitors with awards your organization has won or display diplomas and certificates which will instill confidence. As a veterinary clinic, a selection of cat and dog pictures might be nice and welcoming. If you want to keep it neutral, opt for a large painting or several small paintings. If money is an issue, select a few tasteful sketches.

A waiting room or reception area is in many ways an extension of you and your business and should be given careful consideration before you start furnishing and decorating. If you don’t have faith in your own taste or would like a second opinion, consult an interior decorator. Alternatively, you could go online for inspiration.

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