Print marketing is still relevant and effective


This guide outlines the reasons print marketing is still a valuable tool to boost your business brand.

We are often told that print marketing is dead. There is a massive decline in print marketing from the days of direct mail, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely dead. You have to think about exactly what it means when you see billboards and magazines and newspapers and leaflets. Are you tempted to pick up a menu from your local takeout shop and bring it home? Well, that’s print marketing.

They are marketing what they are selling and they are able to let you to take that home and keep it with you until you’re ready. Quality leaflets still have a place in your business, and while there is a big decline in print marketing because of the introduction of digital marketing, it doesn’t mean that it’s dead. Let’s take a look at all of the reasons that print marketing is still very much relevant.

Why print marketing still works

Digital is very easy to forget.

Digital marketing is quick. It’s so quick that we are now trying to consume videos. In short, So TikTok and YouTube short and reels on Instagram or Facebook are now a very effective way to market products to people because they can scroll through and it can catch their eye. But print marketing is different. It takes a little bit longer to read, and therefore the message that you’re trying to convey reaches your customer in a different way, and often one that hangs around. Speaking of which…

Print marketing isn’t going anywhere.

When you have an email ready to go, it’s very easy to hit the delete button, but you cannot hit the delete button on printing. Yes, those quality leaflets you spent money on can be thrown in the bin, but people often read the message before they get rid of it. With emails, they can just be bogged, deleted, without even being opened. Your print item would be stuck on the notice board at home, but as soon as it gets rapidly pushed down in an inbox and email is forgotten.

You might have a much bigger reach.

Digital marketing can be global, but if you’re looking to get a hold of people in your local area, you might find print is the better option. Apparently the leaflet can be seen by every single member of the house and it can be shown to friends and shared around. If you are in a share house or you are targeting people in a share house, then you’ll understand exactly how many people have the potential to see your marketing if you’re printing. Colleges make contact with future students by post, for example. So if you are sending out school materials or college materials, you can guarantee that others will be able to see those materials and keep them around them.

With print marketing, you can make the intangible real.

In service marketing, there are challenges to be faced when it comes to selling. Services aren’t something people can touch or hold. That’s where print marketing comes in. Holiday brochures, wedding venue brochures, university course prospectuses can all help those service based customers to see what they need to see.

It’s going to speak for your brand.

Great design and copywriting say a lot about our brand and print ads to the dimensions of paper quality and print quality. If you are printing quality leaflets, people know that you care about what they think. But if you’re just putting things into plain paper that’s the cheapest on the shelf, they’re going to know. That’s what you think of them. People will be able to see the hidden messages, so if you are using your time and resources on quality materials, they’re going to see that.

Not everybody likes digital.

If you only stick with digital things, You are going to cut off most of your audience. If you have people in a senior age range who prefer to have printed items in their home or in their hands to be able to read, then you should be looking at your demographics and knowing what’s going to reach them.

You can personalize it.

Print is the ideal medium to deliver something personalized to your customers or their prospective clients. Going beyond the name and address, you can target content and offer towards their interests. If you’re delivering family holiday suggestions for one customer or solo travel options for another, you’ll be able to show your customers that you recognise their preferences, understand them, and you have done everything you can to make sure to show that you value them.


So… while the world might look like it’s becoming increasingly digital, for business-to-consumer communications — and even some business-to-business — print marketing still has impact and cut-through.

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