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Simple ways to promote a healthy and productive workplace


There is something archaic about the way we tend to approach workplace challenges. There exist such fantastic options to enrich the working environment with positivity, to create a place conducive to the wellbeing of everyone involved. There is, incidentally, also very little that does as much for productivity as a happy, healthy workspace.

It is a definite win-win to take the measures needed to create this sort of workplace environment, and you will be relieved to know that there are some straightforward and cost-effective ways to go about it. Many wellness activities could be implemented at pretty much zero CTC, so it is just a case of understanding what works and how to go about it.

Interpersonal inclusion

This one may seem somewhat obvious, but when you get right down to it, it is one of the more problematic aspects of any human interactions. Exclusion occurs when individuals start forming bonds that do not include other members of the staff.

This challenge is tricky, as people who are excluded are generally likely to be introverts. How then does one go about it? The research says that small team projects are the way to go. By splitting people off into small groups and teaming introverts with their extraverted counterparts, you create opportunities for bonding to take place. Add to this strategic, yet informal office get-togethers and you have created numerous opportunities for individuals to form new bonds.

A conducive environment

The working environment is made up of more than it’s people. The aesthetic qualities, along with the wellness tools on offer, play an immeasurable role in the health and productivity of the office as a whole.

You want to create a well-lit space, preferably using as much natural lighting as possible. Additionally, you will enjoy the freedom to feel open and airy. Even if you depend on air conditioning, fewer closed-off areas and shut doors inspire a relaxed and magnanimous atmosphere. Combining this more friendly aesthetic with an open-door policy will promote a more pleasant disposition and allow for more spontaneous interaction.

Creating value

We are all very familiar with the concept of value when it comes to business and encouraging business growth. What no one ever really thinks of is that it is essential to create value for your employees. It is a backward type of thinking that concludes that staff should be all too happy just to be employed.

Megacorporations like Google have long been aware that if you want to attract the very best staff and keep them motivated, your company needs to offer something extra. You need to implement projects that bring this sort of added value to your team. The best part is that most of these measures are of low cost.

As an example, you could offer onsite opportunities for exercise. A yoga class three times a week won’t break the bank. It will improve productivity and set you apart as an employer. Look to these sorts of ideas when finding easy ways to improve the workspace environment.

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