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Protect business operations and equipment: key tactics


This concise guide outlines how you can protect business operations, premises and data, with the top strategies to stay safe.

More women have ventured into the business world. While this is a good sign, more challenges are on the rise. The challenges are due to evolving technology, social changes, and tax law complexities, among others. So women who are joining the business world have to brave the ever-present business challenges. In this article, we will focus on how to protect your woman-owned business.

How to protect business properly

Aside from the economic, political, and social challenges encountered by women in business, theft is also a primary concern, so you need to protect business premises and equipment. The consequences of a robbery can cause you to close down your business. Besides, a robbery leaves your staff worried about their safety.

That’s why the safety of your business should be your propriety. This is regardless of its size. However, retail and wholesale are more prone to theft. For example, in the United States, there were over 12,300 incidents of theft in every 1000 business premises in 2015.

Most of these premises were retailers and wholesale. Some of these cases also included employee theft. Of course, no woman wants to join the sad business theft statistics. Scroll down to discover sure ways to protect business security. They include

1.    Install CCTV cameras

CCTV helps to keep burglars at bay to protect business premises. So, if you install a CCTV system, burglars will stop targeting your business. This is because thieves fear being identified. Therefore, stealing from a company with CCTV cameras is a risky undertaking.

Aside from scaring thieves away, CCTV helps business owners to monitor their employees. You get to monitor everyone from the comfort of your office. This will compel your employees to maintain work discipline. Also, you’ll have discouraged employee theft. In addition, businesses with CCTV assure employees of their safety. As a result, they work with confidence and peace of mind.

Installing CCTV in your business also helps to reduce insurance costs. This because a CCTV system lowers the chances of burglaries attacks. Therefore, you won’t have to file an insurance claim. As a result, you will require less premium coverage. Advanced business security systems even offer a live guard service, ie. agents monitoring the situation, talking to and warning any perpetrators.

2.    Carry out regular security system inspections

Apart from the CCTV system, you can install others, such as access control systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms, etc. However, once you have all these, you must carry out regular inspections to ensure that they are in a perfect condition to protect business premises. Note that if your systems break down, they’ll be worthless, and your business will be at high risk. That said, invite skilled technicians to verify their effectiveness once in a while.

Furthermore, you should also inspect your property. This includes the fences to mend all the spaces giving access to intruders. Remember that if your property isn’t in the right condition, it jeopardizes your business security. Hire a professional agency for thorough property inspection.

3.    Have an emergency plan

Emergencies happen when least expected. You can have a fire breakout, or burglaries can break-in into your business during working hours. This not only puts your business at risk but your employees as well. This is a very unfortunate situation, and no matter how you dislike such a though, preparing for such situations is inevitable. Ensure that you have an already set emergency plan for your staff should anything disastrous happen.

Also, you can install security grilles, especially in high-risk areas. They are meant to provide extra security. A panic button could be of great help since you can alert the police in case of anything.

4.    Buy more lighting systems

As usual, thieves will always avoid businesses they might expose them. So, by investing in more outdoor lighting in your woman-owned business, you scare thieves and intruders away. Furthermore, excellent lighting systems attract passerby’s attention hence discouraging criminals from conducting their activities. In fact, criminals target businesses that are in the dark and leave well-lit premises. It’s costly to normalize your business after theft than investing in quality lighting systems.

5.    Hire skilled security personnel

With professional security personnel, you are not left at the mercy of burglars. Most burglars fear the presence of a skilled security guard. Accessing the unguarded premise has always been easier than one that is guarded. It’s more advantageous when you have installed security gear and hire a security guard. You’ll outwit burglar’s destructive plans.


Businesses owned by women are at a higher risk. But you can enhance security by implementing the ideas suggested above. Your ability to protect business operations is crucial to their success.

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