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Rachael Finch: The importance of collaboration for small business


Successful business woman, Rachael Finch is flying the flag for Australian women in business. In addition to being a TV presenter, model and mum, Rachael also operates BODY by Finch, an online health and fitness program, and has a new Ath-leisure range that is stocked in department stores nationally.

Rachael has partnered with Optus Small and Medium Business (SMB) to empower other women who are in or are thinking about starting their own small business by showing them the tools that they can use for support. Business Woman Media caught up with Rachael at a recent event for the launch of Optus Yes Business, an online platform to connect SMB owners to each other for support and advice, as well as tips from experts.

Research from Optus found that 61 per cent of small business owners have experienced a time where they felt isolated. Rachel shared her experience as an business owner and her tips for small business owners.

“Running a small business can definitely get lonely sometimes. There have been weeks where my husband and I realise we haven’t left the house in days because we’re so invested in our business. My advice for small business owners is to remember to make a conscious effort to get out there, meet people and collaborate with other business minds. You’ll thank yourself later,” she said.

“As a small business owner, it is absolutely crucial to surround yourself with a support network. I’m so lucky to have an incredible confidant in my husband, Michael. Throughout the whole decision making process of my business, he has been right by my side,”

The research also found that small business owners are twice as likely to turn to other business owners (46%) for advice than asking friends of family members (20%).

“Throughout my business journey, I’ve looked to my marketing team, website engineers and designers to be my mentors. I think it’s important to outsource in areas you’re not familiar with. I’ve learnt so much by collaborating with these incredible minds!”

“This is why community hubs like Optus’ Yes Business are so important. At the click of the button, you have access to a plethora of advice and knowledge to help you succeed,” she said. 

Quotes are taken from Rachael’s talk at the event

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