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How to reach your long-term clients without “looking needy”


A former client who wishes to return for more products/services is an incredible win. Why? Because if he’s a returning customer, you no longer have to spend money on winning a new one. If all your former clients would return to your company as customers, you will soon realize that your marketing strategies are needed no more.

This is indeed a beautiful dream, but let’s get serious – most clients don’t come back. So, in order to spark their interest again or just remind them about your new products, you should occasionally reach out to them.

Here are a few tips that may help your company reach out to its existing customers:

1. Make them a great offer

When you are trying to contact your former clients for the first time in a while, don’t just invite them back to your store. They may see this message as spam, and they will immediately brand you as aninfliction. This will destroy all your chances of ever having a collaboration with them. Instead, you should make them an offer that they can’t resist. Think about a way of making your client’s life easier. Offer him discounts on certain products that he buys anyway orshow of an irresistible limited offer.

2. Congratulate them

These occasions may occur naturally. If any of your former clients has won an award or just got promoted, make sure to send them an email with congratulations, and remember to tell them that in case they need any of your services/products, you are here to provide them. This may go for birthdays as well; you can send emails, cards or small presents. Form a personal relationship with your clients; this is the best way in which you can make them come back.

3.Offer them free stuff

Give them something of value for free! In case your company is service based, offer them materials or training sessions that may be of great value to them. Aussiewritings is a great company that may help you deliver unique and valuable content for the clients which are loyal to you the most.

In case that your company is product based, offer them a certain product that you think it will make their lives’ easier. Always think about your customers’ needs and struggles because if you create a way of solving them, your clients will always remain loyal to your company.

4.  Take them out

Even if this may sound a little weird, it’s not. You may invite your best clients over lunch or coffee. Use this time to talk about personal matters and leave business propositions for later. This time is meant for personal bonding. Make them feel like they are part of your business. You can even create relationships between your clients. If two of your clients are working in the same industry don’t hesitate to get them in touch with each other.

5. Handle your reputation

Always make sure that all your clients are satisfied with the services/products you offer. Your reputation is based on the overview that your entire clientele has about your company. Unhappy customers may cause trouble, as well as happy customers may cause better sales performances. So, make sure to keep an eye on all your customer’sneeds. Treating everybody with respect and kindness will transform your company into an authority in its domain.

6. Remember to ask for feedback

As we stated before, your clients’ needs are important, and finding a way to solve them is crucial. Therefore, in order to improve your services/products, ask for feedback. By asking your clients for their opinion and also by taking it into consideration, you are creating a sense of partnership between you and them. This will increase their loyalty and their trust in your brand, making them customers for life.


As you can notice, maintaining a close relationship with your clientswhich is based on mutual respect and collaboration may be sometimes pretty complicated.Keeping a balance between an obnoxious outreach to grow your sales and a gentle client approach is definitely not an easy task. But, by handling it with care, it may turn your business into a money making machine.

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