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Ready, Get Set, GO! What’s holding you back?


We’re ready to go… and genuinely GO!

Oh wait, we must ensure we have enough savings to be able to buy that ridiculous house we don’t need while we live happily in our smaller, more comfortable one. Or, we must ensure we have enough time on our hands for the kids. Yes, you can always find a situation that allows you to delay your plans to take THAT leap. But why is it really holding you back? I don’t want to call it an excuse because that somehow implies a shirking of responsibility. It’s more that we take on more than we need do.

One of the best things I have learnt each time I started something new is the help that just comes up around you — people genuinely want to help.  Should you start something new, you will have to deal with the naysayers but while we are so busy focusing on those, we completely miss our biggest cheerleaders — often our friends and families.

So when is the right time? There is no such thing as the right time — all we can do is minimise the risk. And how does one minimise the risk? Treat your life as a business project. Break down each part into assets and liabilities. Tabulate this list, it could look something like this:


Assets Liabilities
Family College education for kids
Friends Naysayers
Savings account of $XXX Mortgage
Experience Loan repayments

Put down every little thing you can think of — take a moment to feel good about yourself — even if your assets list is smaller, it’s worth way more than all that is on the side of liabilities. If liabilities are outweighing the assets, it is definitely time for change.

Make that change NOW!

When I did mine last, I put down unhappiness in the liabilities and it helped me walk towards my current goal. I realized I was stuck in a role with little opportunity for growth, even if I part-owned the company … and so I exited.

Having laid bare everything on a piece of paper, we realise how momentous this decision is- talk to those affected on the side of the liabilities. For example, I know I will need to be able to pay for my mother’s retirement but that’s a while away and so I sat down with her and worked out a deal that buys me three  years extra before I need to worry about this — this involved packaging her assets and some of my savings in a new investment.

This allows us to put a timeframe in place and know the cut-off. I know for me to be able to meet all my obligations, I need to meet certain targets in 2015 and if I don’t, I should consider going back into employment (at least till I have enough to take a risk again!).

So you have an idea, you know how long you have to ‘play’, get some help! Not asking for help is our big one! We women somehow always shy away from help but you know what, the worst they will say is no and you will be in exactly the same position you are in today. Ask for help! That lady who offered to come help with the garden — let her do it. That friend who offered to get you an introduction — take it.

Having mastered your situation and not letting it be in control, I wish you luck- you are ready for your journey! Enjoy the roller coaster. It will probably be the best ride of your life.

So…what’s holding you back?

About Kritika Ashok

Kritika Ashok is often deemed an entrepreneur but prefers to be described as a businesslady with an interest in growing businesses. She has degrees in Maths & Computers, followed by a Masters in Business Administration. She stays in touch with the academic world by giving guest lectures in e-commerce courses and Trinity MBA. Her experience is focused on operations and strategies and she loves to dabble in the startup world, currently working on her eighth company. Presently, Kritika is focusing on Aartnouv and Incredible Ireland. is an online art gallery offering commissioned paintings from photographs, reproductions of masterpieces and original art by upcoming artists. is also an online art gallery focusing on paintings of Ireland for people who want a piece of this country’s stunning beauty on their walls. She is looking to launch My Art Gallery in Q2 of 2015 and aims to jointy launch Boxers in Q3.

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