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Ready for hire: Why jobactive restart candidates meet the unwritten criteria in a job ad


When you’re looking to hire someone, you will spend countless hours listing all the technical skills you need them to have, and the years of experience you would like them to have ¾ and of course any bonus skills (your dream list).

You may find many candidates with the latest technical skills, but they don’t have the industry experience that could actually be key to the future success of your business.

Furthermore, when posting a job ad you can’t always spell out all the “unspoken” criteria you actually wish for in a candidate. These are the skills and characteristics that generally only come with someone who has been in the workforce for an extended period of time and has gained that priceless industry and business world experience.

You want somebody who is experienced in dealing with all levels in business; who knows how to communicate with everybody from the coalface workers to the members of the board when dealing with clients ¾ and potential clients.

You also want them to understand how to handle a difficult client… and sometimes a difficult colleague (not that we wish those on anybody!).

And you even have to consider how fluent they are in what we would call ‘business language’, which goes beyond just how to write letters and emails, make phone calls, and address groups. ‘Business language’ also includes the non-spoken messages, such as how to dress appropriately, and crucial body language ¾ how to shake hands, make eye contact and relate to others.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find new hires who came on board already knowing all this? Absolutely. And you can! This is where the Australian Government’s jobactive Restart program comes to the rescue. And they have a team of providers who will help you through the process.

Jobactive Restart offers a pool of experienced, enthusiastic and mature employees that meet all the criteria you require… including the unspoken and unwritten ones.

The jobactive Restart system will make it simple and seamless for you to find those experienced employees that will bring a multitude of benefits to your business.

For example, having a few of those key people means you have a great foundation to allow you to bring some less experienced starter staff into the business, comfortable in the knowledge that they will gain a great deal of value learning from somebody who already knows the business ropes and your industry. And yes, who ends up taking some of the pressure off you as the manager and/or owner who can then focus on being the face of, and actually running, your business.

There are also wage subsidies available to employers, of up to $10,000 for hiring a new employee who is either 50 years of age and over or 15-24 years of age.  There are also subsidies of up to $6,500 if you hire somebody who is aged between 25 and 29, or a principal carer parent, an Indigenous Australian, or has been registered as a job seeker for 12 months or more.

The subsidies can be paid to your business in different ways, depending on what suits you best. Generally they will be paid over six months, but there is also the option of a ‘kickstart’ payment, which will pay your business 40% of the wage subsidy four weeks after you hire somebody.

Go to the jobactive website to find your nearest provider now.

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