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Real estate careers can boom when these expert strategies are used


This guide outlines expert tips from people who already have highly successful real estate careers.

If you are a woman enjoying a career in real estate, you’re not alone. According to real estate statistics, women dominate 65% of the industry, and that figure is expected to hike by 6% in the next five years.  There are many reasons women thrive in real estate and there are still more reasons they can continue to excel in their real estate careers. 

Tips for successful real estate careers

Whether you are just transitioning into real estate or you’re a veteran realtor, are you doing everything you can to further your career? If you’re not sure, read on as we hear from a few successful women in real estate as they share tips on what they do to get ahead in their real estate careers.

Build Perception With Your Personal Brand

This might seem ridiculously obvious, and you’re probably already privy to the importance of building your brand as a realtor. However, most realtors misunderstand what building their brand is all about. According to superstar NYC realtor and Shark Tank maven, Barbara Corcoran (pictured above), “Perception creates reality. If you want to be successful in real estate you’ve got to appear better, bigger, and stronger than your competition.” And that’s really at the heart of building personal brands for real estate careers.

There are many ways to build your personal brand by “looking bigger and better” than the rest. For instance, many realtors claim great success in using books to transform them into an authority in real estate. To explain, the marketing reps at Authorify can publish an authoritative book that has your name and picture on the front cover which establishes you as a serious pro as well as help your clients with real estate tips.  You can learn more about this brilliant tool and take advantage of its potential to distinguish your personal brand over others in the competitive world of real estate careers.

Take Advantage of Your Natural Ability to Listen

According to real estate dynamic duo, Kevin and Carolyn Turner of Queensland, women typically have an innate ability to listen better than men. While there are certainly exceptions, there’s actually a reputable study that backs up that statement. According to Cambridge University, men typically listen with one side of their brains, while women listen with both sides.  As such, realtor Carolyn Turner encourages women to tap into their natural-born gift for listening to clients in order to get ahead in real estate careers.

Work Hard, Stay Positive

This is another tip that may seem like a no-brainer, but working hard and maintaining a positive outlook is easier said than done – especially in a disappointingly sluggish economy.  That’s why Melissa Alexander who was named top “40 Under 40” by Memphis Business Journal recommends never giving up, even when times are tough. 

Melissa goes on to explain that while every home showing might not end in a sale, it’s important to keep moving forward with an affirmative attitude. Otherwise, discouragement will begin to shatter your self confidence which in turn, can disrupt your motivation and drive for hard work.

Utilize Technology

One of the biggest struggles in real estate careers is staying on top of market trends as well as being attuned to changes in client needs.  This is why Danielle Garofalo, Chief Business Development Officer of Core Real Estate in NYC is passionate about using technology to drive results in her real estate endeavors.  Garofalo claims that proper utilization of technology in real estate can revolutionize any agent’s success.  This includes using social media tech for real estate marketing, networking and brand-building.

Get Support

Award-winning realtor, Kaajal Shahani who is also featured on HGTV, is a big advocate of women in real estate who establish a solid support system.  This might include finding a mentor in the industry that is devoted to helping you succeed.  Shahani suggests that mentors and supportive colleagues who have “been there, done that” are uniquely positioned to guide you through your journey in real estate. 

Furthermore, these experts can keep you accountable.  Between setting goals, providing constructive criticism and offering golden advice – a strong mentor in the business can make all the difference in the success of real estate careers.

Give Back

Lastly, consider giving back to your community as a strategy for your real estate success. You can look to real estate professional Caroline Pinal when it comes to staying motivated in real estate through the art of building communities.  Pinal is the co-founder of Giveback Homes, a group of professionals with successful real estate careers who are igniting positive social change by assisting struggling families build homes around the world. 

While success is certainly something to strive for, Pinal understands it doesn’t mean much if she doesn’t pay it forward to people who are less fortunate.  In many ways, supporting your community and giving back through your work as a real estate agent can inspire you to do better work.  In turn, this can greatly impact your success in the business for the better.

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