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5 Reasons why charitable giving is a wise investment


Charitable giving is not merely a method to reduce your company’s taxes at the end of the year, it is also an excellent tool for investing in your community and developing business plan. Through thoughtful research and planning, you can easily establish giving back to those in need as an integral part of your business model.

Rather than reinventing the wheel or receiving random advice from well-meaning associates, look to businesses such as Neill Sullivan Oakland as prime examples on how to make a real impact in other people’s lives, while enjoying professional success as well. The following five reasons that show how enriching charitable giving can be should show you how simple and wise this type of investment is.

  1. Authentic networking

We all know that networking is an essential factor in building a business and procuring a client base. These relationships are generally formed within the framework of your company and rarely extend further than that. However, through solid and reliable associations with charities and causes that align with your company’s mission and skill set, a different type of networking can be created. This relationship provides an authentic opportunity to market your business in a positive light, establishing your reputation as an entity that cares about the issues surrounding them.

  1. Legacy building

Having your business name associated with a local charity organization is a great way to be seen, but it also lends an opportunity to build a legacy that can go on for years to come. Some organizations rely upon scholarships or sponsorships to provide services to underprivileged youth or run annual events. By committing your money and time to these types of provisions, you become known as a reliable source for making dreams come true and giving a chance to those who deserve it.

  1. Developing strengths

It is a well-known fact that playing to our strengths is a better approach to success than trying to bolster our weaknesses. This concept can be put to good use when you coordinate with charitable organizations that allow you to use your skills, abilities and talents. For instance, if your construction company only focuses on providing its services to contracted clients, it is easy to get in a rut and do business as usual. When you take your skills outside the professional setting, you are encouraging an environment of innovation and inspiration to begin. This simple shift in routine can quickly lead to practices that take your company to new heights.

  1. A better life

You and the employees who staff your company may not think of yourselves as charitable causes, but there are many types of improvements that can increase your quality of life. We can all benefit from cleaner air, safer neighborhoods, quality education and properly maintained communities. Therefore, when your company helps the town achieve such goals, you are creating a positive impact on everyone’s welfare, including your own. Whether it is environmental or social, directing your efforts on a local basis is a win for all.

  1. Lifting spirits

Sure, when you think of investing you imagine stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but money is not the only gain your business can profit from. The simple act of giving of ourselves to something or someone in need will always feel good. But, this feeling is not limited to just you and, it does not have to end with just one act of kindness. When charitable giving becomes part of your business plan, you are deciding to invest in lifting the spirits of your employees, your community and other companies who may be inspired to do the same.

Through such elementary methods, using your resources wisely and caring about those around you is clearly a profitable mechanism on a multitude of levels.

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