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Reject rejection…


As you pursue the greatness which you are meant to achieve, don’t be surprised when you encounter situations and circumstances that will surprise you. You could end up:

  • Hearing a chorus of: “You don’t have what it takes to do that”, or a sarcastic “Really?”; or
  • Being disappointed by people that you love, people that love you back (or are supposed to love you back); or
  • Having no shoulders to cry on when the going gets rough and tough; or
  • Being laughed at by those that you used to laugh with you; or
  • Having no one to pat your shoulder when success, happiness, and inner peace show up in your space.

All this can be summed up in one word: REJECTION!  The purpose of this article is to help you to master the art of rejecting rejection.

Give People a Break & Love Them!

Generally speaking, people are off your case. They are busy, occupied, and preoccupied. They have their own issues and your issues are not part of their issues. They are very busy writing chapters of their own success (hopefully) stories. When they are not there to laugh or cry with you, it does not necessarily mean that they don’t want you to pursue your greatness. So, give them a break and most importantly, continue to love them.

Loved Ones

Let me start by sharing this fictional story:

The Fish Died…

Once upon a time, there were heavy floods and some monkeys climbed up the trees to save themselves from drowning. When the water subsided, they saw some fish swimming in the water below them, and they said: “On my word, they will drown let us go down and rescue them”! They went down and took the fish out of the water. As they were slowly dying, the monkeys said: “Oh, they worked so hard trying to get out the water that they are now very tired”. One by one the fish died. Why? They were taken out of the water! 

The Message:

As you build up your success story, loved ones’ may show up uninvited and mess you up, all with the intention of “protecting” you. If you allow them, they will lead you to a situation where you will die on the inside. Refuse to be distracted from your goals even if that is done out of love. Your vision can only be seen with a mental eye, your eye. It is not a group thing!

Complicated Ones

It is an undeniable fact of life that you cannot be a darling of everybody on planet earth. There will always be people that do not like you. Some people falling into this category (the complicated ones) may even hate you to such a level that they could set booby traps for you to stumble and fall. Let me assure you that those falling under this last category are like poisonous snakes, in that they are very few, much as their impact can rattle you. What should you do when faced with such people? Continue to succeed. Once success has shown up in your space, their attention will go elsewhere. Give them a break and love them, but, here’s a big one, love them at a distance!

About Mary Bosiu

Adv. Mary Bosiu has a profession (law/legal) and a calling.  Her calling is to help and guide people into being the best that they are meant to be. She is a well-renowned Public Speaker, Trainer, and Author of three inspirational books. She has also published several articles for various international media houses. Her burning passion for a holistic development of fellow human beings has enabled her to design and facilitate several seminar programs focused on Service Excellence, Leadership Skills, Stress Management, Financial Wisdom, Team Building, and more. Her extensive work on personal development issues has earned her awards for four consecutive years.  Mary’s latest award, Life Achiever Award came in 2017. WEBSITE: LINK TO ONE OF MY BOOKS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

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