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Creating a relationship with money that works for you


Money in our world is hot topic and often a complicated one. There are many ‘experts’ out there who have different information and wisdom about ways to manage money, create wealth and maintain financial stability. Do you also consider yourself an expert on your own finances?

What if you could adequately manage your own finances – no matter how much or how little training or education you may have in money management? When we ignore or negate our own wisdom about, and unique relationship with money, we give the experts power over our financial choices instead of trusting ourselves. What if you could know what is uniquely true for you with your finances and use information from the experts to further educate yourself?

When you trust yourself with money, you create the foundation for a healthy and robust relationship with it. Add to that financial education, and you set the stage for the accumulation of wealth in a way that enriches your life and works for you.

You have a unique relationship to money that is true for you, and nobody can tell you what this is. One of the most empowering things you can do with money is to get clear on what is true for you with money, even in the midst of a lot of experts (or family, or spouses, or colleagues) touting that they have the best information.

How do you take the advice of others into consideration while maintaining clarity on your relationship with money?  Here are three tips:

  1. What are your preferences? Some people feel more secure when they own a home. Some people feel more secure when they have a large stock portfolio. Some people feel more secure with a lot of cash in the bank. What works for you? If there was not a right or a wrong way to accumulate wealth, and you could choose financial decisions that relax you and make you feel at ease, what would they be?
  2. What is going to create the future you would like to create – both with your money and in your life? Often the answers to these questions are very personal, not linear, and may not make sense to other people. What is the future that you would like to have in your whole life? What would you like to create for your family, your business, your relationships, and you? What financial decisions and investments will get you there? The answers to those questions are going to be very different depending on your desires, your business, the age of your children, your marital status, and – the unique perspective and knowledge that you have about your money.

You can follow the greatest advice of the experts, but if that advice is not relevant to you, and does not give you a sense of relaxation and support for the future you would like to have, it does not matter how many experts you follow. What do you know – in your gut – that will work for your unique situation?

  1. Above all, trust yourself! Even if the financial decisions that you make seem to make no sense to anybody else, are you willing to trust yourself? Only you know what you are creating. Will you trust that, and you? This can be one of the trickiest areas in our lives, especially when it comes to money. We want stability, and a promise of something safe and secure. Safety and guarantees with money do not actually exist. What will create the greatest ‘security’ with money is you trusting you – and you trusting that you can create money and wealth in any circumstances.

In a world where we are constantly looking for security and stability through outside forces, the irony is that if we trust ourselves and make choices that we know are right for us, we will actually nurture our lives, our money, and the future that we would like to have. Nobody can steer you in the direction of that except for you.

You can obtain helpful information that will give you greater awareness, but trusting you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your future wealth.

About Heather Nichols

Heather Nichols, MSW, is a facilitator, speaker, body magician, author, & transformational coach. She combines a master’s degree in Social Work with 25 years of experience in the world of business, bodies, and change to facilitate people to know that they can create an epic life in a way that actually works for them. She has a unique and uncanny capacity to turn everything on its head and find possibilities, even in the most barren of landscapes. She delivers a robust offering of trainings, talks, private sessions, and classes internationally as well as online. As a Being You facilitator, she was recently featured in the book The Very Greatest Adventure…Is You Truly Being You.

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