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How to run an effective integrated marketing campaign across multiple mediums


Did you know, to successfully engage a customer, the average business requires seven touchpoints to inform and inspire that customer to make a purchase? And if you are looking to change the perception of your brand, you need many more?

Any successful campaign will always balance multiple integrated mediums.

So, how can you run an effective integrated campaign while ensuring your message remains the same across so many different mediums? Here are five tips.

1. Have a clear understanding of your target audience 

Knowing who your target audience are and what type of marketing they tend to be drawn to is a key part of a successful integrated marketing campaign. For example, you likely wouldn’t target Baby Boomers using platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. These should be left for Millennials and Generation Z. Knowing who your target audience is and having a clear understanding of the media they consume each day will assist you to create your integrated marketing strategy.

2. Set a clear strategy and select the right channels 

Given a good integrated campaign will feature at least seven different customer touchpoints, it is important you understand how each of these touchpoints works independently and how they will function as part of the integrated campaign. A clear strategy allows you to see when certain touchpoints will be activated.

Consider too, how your digital and print campaigns will integrate effectively. For example, using the same images across both platforms is an easy way to bring your printed message online.

While digital marketing can be cheaper and an online presence is important, the benefit of print is that it gives tangibility to your campaign. As an example, your integrated campaign could consist of:

  • Traditional media like TV and radio advertising
  • Digital media including websites, social media and email marketing
  • Print media like banners, signage, flyers and direct mail

3. Ensure key messages and branding remain the same

Choose key messages and branding that will translate well across both digital and print media. Consistency across your integrated campaign allows your customer to connect one piece of marketing with another. Connecting multiple occurrences of the one campaign will help the customer remember your brand or product, leading to an increased likelihood of making a purchase.

The best way to ensure key messages and branding remain the same is to repeat them in different channels. For example, create a tagline for your product and repeat it across television advertising, on printed flyers and on your social media pages. Repeating colour and images is also a great way to spark the memory of your customer. The aim is for your customer to remember a particular colour combination and image meaning they recognise your brand.

4. Encourage engagement

Encourage your customers to engage with your brand by including a call to action. A call to action suggests an action the customer can take such as ‘Buy now’, ‘sign up today’ or ‘contact us to learn more’.

For example, make sure to include calls to action featuring your web address and social media handles on printed flyers or calls to action about subscribing to your newsletter on your digital channels. This will encourage your customer to take a desired action.

5. Ensure all teams working on the campaign are in sync

Different teams specialise in different areas of marketing. If your campaign is spread across multiple teams or even outsourced, it is crucial that you ensure all teams are working with the same goal in mind and clearly understand the integrated strategy that you have.

You may have one team to plan and create a website for you. Another team may be in charge of your printed media like banners, posters, signage and flyers. So ensuring they’re on the same page is crucial. Furthermore, having the teams track their component of the campaign means you have a clear view of what is performing and what is not.

There are many different ways to run an integrated marketing campaign, using many different mediums. What works best for your product and your brand may differ greatly to the next. It is not just what you use, but how you use them. Creating strong linkages between your selected media is the key to a successful integrated campaign, leading your customer on a journey, from understanding your brand to making a purchase.

About Karin Ingram'

Karin Ingram is Marketing Manager at Kwik Kopy, a corporate design and print solutions company which provides graphic design, business cards, stationery, brochures, catalogues, posters, banners and signage for businesses across Australia. Kwik Kopy Australia was established in 1982 as a Master Licence holder from the Kwik Kopy Corporation U.S.A and has grown to operate over 90 franchises throughout Australia today.

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