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5 Ways to kickstart self-confidence to reach career goals


Just a few decades back, being a woman in the “all men’s” business world was hard. You really had to fight for yourself and even if you fought the hardest, no one actually wanted to hear what you had to say. Luckily, today women have more power in the business world and it is easier for them to reach their career goals. However, there are still women who need a little confidence push in order to accomplish their dreams.

Confidence strategies to help reach your career goals

So, if you feel less confident, you should learn how to kickstart your confidence and easily be successful and powerful in your field.

Speak up

No matter what your career is, you probably have plenty of great ideas roaming around your head. However, if you don’t say them out loud, no one is going to hear them and credit you for those great ideas. Yes, it is hard to express your opinion out loud if your confidence is low, but you can make that better if you make yourself heard. Collect all the courage and speak up. Let those ideas turn into actions by simply laying them out in the best way possible.

Don’t be afraid of rejection and failure, because someone out there is going to listen to you and help you develop them. Bigger failure is being silent and letting someone else come up with the idea. Remember that the less you speak up, your chances are lower in making some meaningful contribution.

Don’t care about what others think

There will be plenty of people who will think that your goals are unreachable and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. If you’re confident that your idea or a career goal is reachable, you should give your 100% to reach them and think positive about it. Don’t listen to your friends, family members or coworkers when they are telling you that you can’t succeed. Everyone can succeed if they really want it, and other people’s negative opinions are just another obstacle you have to surpass.

Yes, there might be some odds against you, but if you evaluate them carefully and find the way around them, you will succeed. Most people are wrong about most things, so keep your head in the game and don’t listen to them. Simply believe in yourself and your abilities and nothing will stand in your way.


Sports and exercises are a great way to boost your confidence. Not only will they contribute to your overall health, but that healthy state of mind and body will elevate your energy and belief that you can do anything. Also, exercising manages stress and prevents depression which are the main causes of negative thinking and lack of encouragement and hard work. What is more, if you’re body looks and feels great, there is no doubt that you will feel more confident that you can accomplish any goal in your career, no matter how big it is. Plus, you will look great in your work clothes!

Dress professionally

We all have that full closet of clothes, but we constantly don’t know what to wear. Could that be because we don’t feel comfortable and powerful enough in our own clothes? If that’s the case it’s time to change a few things. Since you want to reach your career goals, you have to think career clothes. Roam around the mall or on online shops and find the work attire that’s going to make you feel like an unstoppable goddess. Clothes can greatly affect your mood, and that is why you need to find a dress, skirt or even a pantsuit that will give you confidence and professionalism.

Also, you want to pay attention to the colors of the clothes you’re wearing. You don’t want anything flashy or tacky. Rather, you want colors that will complement your body, that will make your eyes pop and your skin to glow. Also, there are colors that exude power, such as black, or red for confidence; however, there are colors that might make you look tired and dull. So, choose wisely and wear the colors you feel comfortable in.

Lastly, don’t forget the accessories. All professional and powerful women have some gorgeous necklaces and bracelets. However, these, too, are not flashy or tacky. When it comes to jewelry, you should rely on subtle pieces such as simple but fashionable gold bracelet, small silver rings or a pair of small diamond earrings.

Practice your power poses

Power poses are designed to help you feel more powerful. And that is exactly why you should practice and use a few of them on your way to your career goals.

The LBJ – this pose mainly consist of often leaning slightly forward onto a desk or the back of a chair. You’ve probably seen this one among powerful women from movies, and you should practice and use it. They exhibit a feeling of power and confidence, especially if others are sitting down. If you’re standing, find a chair or a table nearby and place your hands on them while you’re leaning slightly forward. This pose is dominant and slightly intimidating, but not too much, which allows you to command a room.

Wonder Woman – there is no doubt that Wonder Woman is our favorite Amazonian superhero, but her infamous body posture can help you gain more confidence and dominance. If you spread your legs a bit while standing and place your hands on your hips you will look impressive in any given situation. Whether it’s asking for a raise or standing up for your rights, this power pose is a great way to improve your sense of self-worth and dominate the room when needed.


The world is not only dominated by men anymore. More and more women are emerging as the best ones in their field and you can easily be like those women and reach your career goals with little effort. However, if you still don’t believe in yourself enough, it is time you change that and insert these tips in your life and see how everything changes.

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