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The serendipities of giving back


In a world where there is so much talk about the ‘sisterhood’, it is heartbreaking seeing posts and comments on social media where women are attacking each other. Empowered women empower women. It is important to have each other’s backs.

When it comes to making a difference in this world, we can all do a little something to take the edge of the horrible stories that flood social media feeds and the media. It is important that we never forget a single person can make a difference.

But with so much going on in our lives, why would we take on more by helping others? Why would we give our time, money and effort to causes when there are so many. It is easy to be overwhelmed …and do nothing.

Whether you give cash, your time or donate your services, there are so many benefits to giving. These benefits are not just for the charity you support but to you as well.

Five benefits of giving


Let’s start with our health. There are so many studies out there that show giving makes us healthier. Giving keeps our blood pressure low, makes us happier and boost our immune system making us less prone to illness. In 2015, the ABC’s Making Australia Happy took eight everyday Aussies on a journey to find their happy. During one episode, they volunteer at a charity, feeding the homeless. Swabs were taken before and after the activity …and the results were incredible. Every person’s immune response had increased by up to 30%. It is known as the ‘helper’s high’ because your body gets a huge boost – when researchers have done scans on brains of those giving, the part of the brain that controls feelings of reward and pleasure lights up.


It is easy to feel disconnected in this world that has so many ways to connect. When you come together with other people to volunteer at a charity, attend a fundraising event or donate money, it brings us together. It unites us in a common cause, strengthening our bonds as human beings, removing the blinkers from our eyes as we realise that we are all in this journey together.

Law of reciprocity

Sometimes giving can come back tenfold if you believe in the law of reciprocity. It is true, when you give without expectation of getting something in return, you are likely to get more back. Think about that in terms of your business. Giving your time to share your knowledge in a Facebook group, or mentoring a younger person in your field or talking at a networking event. This type of giving promotes trust and cooperation. In business, we are taught to keep our secrets close until they are paid for but being helpful, honest and giving a few freebies every now and then, you are doing a lot for your street cred.

Making the world a better place

Whether it is helping the environment, a local community group or a for-purpose organisation, giving your time or money has a ripple effect. The money you help raise might go towards providing more services and support for families impacted by domestic violence, giving them space to recover and rebuild, build a new playground so kids can get out and be more active or help clean up the park during Clean Up Australia day, so our waterways and planet is cleaner and here for future generations.


An opportunity to stand out – publicity. If you are giving back genuinely and with an intent to make the world a better place, it is ok to share what you are doing. For two reasons – it gives more exposure to the organisation you are supporting and enhances your reputation, which is good for business.

If you get a chance to help, grab it. You will feel better, be happier and make an impact along the way.

About Tammy Keers

Tammy Keers is a creative wunderkind, whose unique and distinctive take on the jewellery design has seen her make her mark on an industry steeped in tradition. Bringing a feminine flavour to all her pieces, the founder of Artisans Bespoke Jewellers combines technique with art.

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