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How to set up a boat and RV storage business


Venturing into an RV and boat storage service provision is a sound business idea. Even though you must be braced to invest in your facility to attract and retain clients.  Here are the top tips to help you run a successful RV and boat storage services:

  1. Security

Security is critical if you are looking to run a successful RV and boat storage facility. Assure the boat and RV owners that they will find their machines when they come for them in the same condition they left them. RV and boats are expensive. Thus, proper security provides the needed peace of mind.

Invest in top of the range security teams to improve the RV owner’s confidence in your services. Install 24/7 surveillance, secure fencing, and gated access. Also, consider partnering with the local police for regular patrol, or hire a reputable security firm to protect your place, especially if it caters to commercial ventures such as boat charter Sydney.

  1. Additional amenities

RV and boat storage services are highly competitive. You are not only competing with the other special storage facilities but also the general vehicle storage spaces. Additional amenities are, therefore, what you need to stay apart from the stiff competition.

Consider installing services like shuttling, vehicle washing options, and electricity hookups. Additionally, you can offer inspection, water filling, and vehicle detailing. Whatever services you opt to include, it should add value to your storage facility.

Purchasing and installing additional amenities are costly. Don’t worry, though; there are several financing options to choose from. Facilities like RV and Boat loans with my Financing USA offer flexible loans for both equipment and storage facility owners.

  1. Customer service

Like any other business, boat and RV storage needs to attract and retain clients. Provide the clients with information on how best you will store their equipment. Employ knowledgeable workers. They should quickly assist the clients in case of any concern. Offering the best customer service will help you beat your competitors.

Most RV and boat owners interact a lot among themselves. By offering top-quality customer service, they can easily recommend your facility to their compatriots, leading to more clients and business success.

  1. Ease of access

Location is a significant factor when it comes to boat and RV storage facility. Consider consumer demographics when settling on your point of interest. Some of the best locations for such facilities are near oceans, national parks, and other outdoor recreational facilities.

To complement the ease to access physical location, include online conveniences. Have a vibrant online presence such that the customers can inquire online or check for available spaces. Include online payment systems, e-signatures, and mobile-friendliness.

The other aspect of ease of access is full-time availability. People go out for vacations and tours at different times of the year. While others prefer the summer, some want to get out during the fall with fewer people on the recreational parks. It means your facility stays busy all the time. You must ensure flexibility and not let your customers down.

  1. Favourable rates

Setting the right charges for your services can be a little tricky in RV and boat storage. You seek to balance a competitive rate while providing superior services.

To set the right rates, look into what your competition is charging and the services they offer. After this, you can provide additional services for even higher fees.

The additional amenities in your facility also determines your rates. Even though you can offer some for free, others will be chargeable depending on the market rates. Whatever the prices you charge your clients, make sure it is worth it. The value you provide should surpass the charges to help you build customer loyalty.

  1. Intensive marketing

Once you have got all these tips right, it is time to get your name out there. Take advantage of marketing opportunities like the boat and RV trade shows and market fairs. Set up a booth to showcase your specialized storage services. Newspapers and Boat and RV magazines also provide the right avenues for advertisements.

Ultimately, you want to build on the word of mouth advertisements. You want your customers to turn into your ambassadors. You can only achieve this by offering the best services. Deliver on whatever you promise the clients.

Bottom line

RV and boat storage services is a highly competitive yet profitable venture. Ensuring security, additional amenities, and ease of access go a long way in edging out your competition. You also must set the right charges based on the services you offer. Importantly, offer the best storage services.

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