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Sharing a lifestyle: grow your online audience to market your brand


With more and more of the consumer audience turning to online influencers and social media for advice, recommendations, and brand endorsements; it’s an area of your marketing that cannot be ignored. Portraying an honest, an appealing side to your brand will strengthen the tie between your followers and your business, and you’ll get a steady stream of new customers as a result. People enjoy seeing lifestyles and the day to day activities of a company that they choose to invest in; if you’re creating appealing content, your feed will attract even more of a following, and your numbers are going to grow.

It’s worth taking a look at your social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs that you have, and ensuring that they tie together seamlessly and show exactly who you are at a glance. Therefore, the following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want to strengthen their social media marketing and boost their following for an increase in consumer and client traffic to their business.

Post consistently

You need to find the times of the day when your audience are engaging the most on social media; these are the moments when you should take advantage of a wider reach for what you’re posting. Utilize you analytics and go from there; consistency is key to the ongoing success and growth of your social media platforms, so try not to miss the opportunity. You don’t want to overwhelm your subscribers and followers with spam-like images and information; make your content interesting and make sure you’re saying something that will entertain or inform your potential consumers.

After you’ve picked the timing and regularity of your posts; it’s worth reviewing your analytics to discover where and how to improve things. It might be worth investing in expert help and advice from companies like MEDIA tribe online so that they can guide you in the right direction regarding what, where, and when you should be tweeting, or posting across your other outlets. You’ll be able to build a strong strategy and plan in advance what’s going to go up and how it will influence the traffic to your business.

Try to post things that people can look forward to; perhaps it’s a weekend offer that goes up every Friday, or some Monday motivation. Whatever gets your audience to engage and share your posts is a positive way to spread your brand around social media and the rest of the internet. You don’t need to post a call to action every day; weekly or every two weeks is enough, but the rest of your tweets or Instagram pictures should still spark enough interest for a like, share, or a comment. The more engaging your posts are, the more chance they have of appearing in people’s feed, and your followers will begin to increase as a result.

A steady flow of relevant, interesting content will ensure that your audience sees your brand regularly, so when it comes to thinking of investing their time and money somewhere; you’ll be at the forefront of their mind. If you keep up with your weekly specials and treats; customers may seek you out on that day, which will help with click rates and your social media audience will grow. So, whether you outsource help with your social media from a specialist company, use a social media management tool, or are working hard to post yourself; make sure you keep up whatever is working and don’t lose valuable momentum. If you disappear from your consumer’s feeds; they’ll look elsewhere for businesses to follow, engage with, and ultimately, invest in.

Think aesthetically

The look and aesthetics of your social media can be just as important, if not more so, than any articles or things that you write. If a potential customer likes the style of your Instagram photos or Pinterest boards, they will click “Follow” before they even realize that you’re a business. Therefore, make sure that you’re not just posting your branding the whole time; think about what area of a lifestyle your products or services fit into. Push the look of the lifestyle for an eye-catching and engaging feed. Use your own images, but work hard to get the contents, lighting, and quality of the picture right, and be catchy with captions and quotes underneath.

You can be imaginative with the look of your pictures; maybe stick to a monochrome palette and utilize motivational quotes on your photos or highlight on certain colors throughout your feed that link to your branding and logo. Check out sites like Laptops and Smalltalk for some tips on how to brand your Instagram and create your visual aesthetic, and get inspired to do the same for your business. Again, you want people to arrive on your social media and be drawn to it with the appealing continuity of the images, so they’ll be buying into a lifestyle aesthetic first, before investing further in your brand and business. Seasonal images are always appealing; festive posts around the holidays and spooky Halloween images have a higher chance of being shared among others and will tempt new followers to visit your platforms before heading towards your business.

Utilize other influencers

A great way to push your social media is through the connections you make with social and internet influencers who are utilizing the same platforms. Make sure you’re following all the right people who would be relevant for your brand. Cosmetic companies will always follow popular beauty bloggers, send them free samples, and tag them in posts so that their pictures come up in the feed of those who follow the influencer. The same goes for any area of the market; connect with those who will appreciate your products or services and give them the chance to use them in return for a post or picture.

The internet and social media is a vast place, and yet it continues to expand every day. Therefore, you need to be hitting your platforms hard, building strength in your relationships with your audience and influential people online, and ensuring that everything you post is a positive boost for your brand.

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