Used shipping containers: 5 creative uses for a shipping container at your premises


This short guide outlines five creative ways to recycle used shipping containers into  space for your small business or home business.

You’re likely reading this because you run a business and have a modest amount of floor space at your premises. You’re also looking for ways to boost your company’s productivity or create an exciting way to draw in more retail customers to your store.

In any event, you may have come up with several ideas for used shipping containers, but none have particularly appealed that much to you so far. But, have you ever considered repurposing used shipping containers at your premises – for reasons other than to load them up with goods and send them away?

Check out these examples for used shipping containers to learn more about how creative uses could improve your new or existing business in many different and unique ways.

5 creative ideas for used shipping containers

1. Meeting Space

Is your office short on space? Do you not have anywhere private to host meetings with employees or clients? If the answer to both questions is yes, and you’ve got plenty of land at your disposal, you could install and convert used shipping containers into a meeting space.

You could have the interior lined with continuous insulation panels to provide warmth and diminish internal moisture issues. It’s also possible to have LED lighting and electrical sockets fitted, along with conventional windows and doors.

2. Canteen

These days, it’s not uncommon for many people to eat their lunch or have their breaks at their desks. The problem is, some employees would prefer to have a dedicated dining area away from their workstations where they can enjoy some privacy and a change of scenery.

One idea for used shipping containers is to convert one into a canteen for your workforce. It’s not hard to convert it to have full dining facilities for employees, including a kitchen area where people can cook and prepare their food or even enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

3. Cafe

If you run a business where most activities get conducted outdoors, both visitors and employees would enjoy having somewhere suitable to sit down and relax. A cafe makes perfect sense to achieve those goals, but it can be expensive to construct one.

Used shipping containers can easily get converted into a cafe. It can feature a full kitchen along with a dining area for all customers, and the interior can look exactly like any other bricks-and-mortar cafe.

4. Bicycle Storage

Does much of your workforce commute to your workplace on their bicycles? If so, they might find it challenging to store their bikes during the day and may understandably get concerned about the safety and security of their bicycles.

One creative way to resolve that problem is by installing one or more shipping containers outside your premises and converting them into a secure shelter for bicycles. It’s cheaper than building a conventional bicycle shelter, and you can add any access control systems to make it secure.

5. Workshop

Last but not least, if space is at a premium inside your working environment, it can make sense to buy used shipping containers and turn them into a workshop for your business. What’s great about doing that is you don’t need to extend your existing building.

Plus, if your business moves to a different location, you can have your workshop transported too.

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